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Anthony Richardson rap video: GVO, Colts quarterback's alter ego, going viral

NFL rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson is gaining attention for his rap skills, impressing fans with his verses in multiple rap videos. Richardson has been named the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, but his rap career might still have a chance to take off.

Anthony Richardson, a former inexperienced Florida quarterback, has quickly risen to become an NFL starter within just a year. While football seems to be his primary focus, Richardson has also gained attention for his rapping skills. In fact, he has verses in multiple rap videos posted on a YouTube account called GVO TV, where he showcases his talent and proves to be better than many athletes who have tried their hand at music.

Despite his newfound success on the football field, Richardson's rap videos are starting to gain traction on social media. One particular video, "Talk to 2" by GVO Speero featuring Big VO and GVO CJ, has caught the attention of fans. Although Richardson is not the main artist in the video, his verse has impressed many viewers.

GVO Speero, credited as the main artist of the song, is not Richardson himself. However, Richardson is associated with the GVO network. According to GVO Speero's Instagram bio, GVO stands for both "Gainesville's very own" and "God's very own."

In addition to "Talk to 2," Richardson has also made an appearance as a rapper in GVO Speero's "POV" video. Some of his lines in the rap reference his own success, further solidifying his presence in the music scene.

While Richardson's rap career is gaining attention, his primary focus remains on his role as the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. As the fourth overall pick in the draft, Richardson's size and arm strength have Colts fans excited for what he can bring to the team.

One standout line from "Talk to 2" showcases Richardson's confidence, as he raps, "On the field I'm a saint, I be throwing like Drew Brees." Although he may not be a New Orleans Saint and has a different playing style than Brees, Richardson is about to join the ranks of NFL starting quarterbacks when he takes the field for the Colts in Week 1.

While Richardson's exact rap name is unclear, he is part of a group known as "GVO," which stands for "Gainesville's very own" or "God's very own." The connection to Gainesville is evident, as the University of Florida is located there.

Despite the limited number of views and subscribers on GVO TV's YouTube channel, Richardson's success in the NFL could greatly impact the rap career of the GVO group. Indianapolis Colts fans are hopeful that Richardson can develop into a quality starter and achieve a level of success similar to that of Drew Brees.

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