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Fans react to iShowspeed's Chica jump scare and accidental flash on camera during FNAF

YouTuber iShowSpeed accidentally flashes his 'meat' during a live stream while playing Five Nights At Freddy's, causing viral reactions on Twitter.

iShowSpeed, the popular YouTuber, has once again found himself in the spotlight, but this time for an embarrassing mishap during a live stream. After recovering from a recent eye issue, the 18-year-old internet star unintentionally exposed himself while playing the horror game Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF). Although the video has gone viral on Twitter, we advise against watching it. Fans have now taken a trip down memory lane, recalling all the times iShowSpeed was startled by the infamous FNAF character, Chica.

During his most recent live stream, iShowSpeed encountered a rather unfortunate turn of events. While in a tense moment of the game, situated in what appears to be a basement, he suddenly came face-to-face with Nightmare Chica, one of the game's animatronics. While we won't include the clip here, we can provide a description of what unfolded.

As iShowSpeed explores the area, a loud and chilling scream pierces through the air. He quickly turns his screen to the left, only to be met with Nightmare Chica's horrifying visage. Startled and terrified, iShowSpeed lets out a scream, a mix of anger and fear.

In the heat of the moment, he exclaims, "Oh Chica, I miss you, I'm about to f**k you Chica," as he stands up and begins thrusting his hips towards the camera. However, in his excitement, he becomes a bit too carried away, and his "meat" accidentally slips out of his shorts. It takes a moment for iShowSpeed to realize what has happened, but as soon as he does, he quickly covers himself and sits back down in his chair, exclaiming, "Oh my god," in realization of his accidental exposure during the live stream.

Twitter users wasted no time in sharing their humorous reactions to iShowSpeed's unfortunate mishap. Some fans couldn't help but speculate about the reaction of iShowSpeed's PR team to this scandal, while others imagined how fans must have felt witnessing the incident. Many wondered about iShowSpeed's own feelings about the embarrassing ordeal.

It is no secret that iShowSpeed is no stranger to playing FNAF. He has been engaging with the game for several years and has encountered Chica on numerous occasions. Despite his familiarity with the character, Chica's jumpscares still manage to startle him. TikTok is filled with videos showcasing iShowSpeed's reactions to his encounters with Chica. In a 2021 video, he can be seen screaming at the top of his lungs when the purple-eyed Glamrock Chica opens the box his character is hiding in.

Whether anticipating Chica's arrival or caught off guard, iShowSpeed's videos often depict him on edge, as if constantly wary of Chica's potential jump scares.

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