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'Hozier: Walking on Sinéad O'Connor's "Paved" path - Watch!'

Hozier discusses the legacy of Sinéad O'Connor's protest and the relevance of his song "Take Me to Church."

In a recent interview with BBC Newsnight, Irish singer-songwriter Hozier delved into the significance of Sinéad O'Connor's famous Saturday Night Live protest and the contrasting treatment she received compared to his own breakout single "Take Me to Church." Hozier believes that sensibilities have changed over the years, allowing him to thrive and follow in the footsteps of O'Connor.

According to Hozier, part of the reason O'Connor faced different treatment was because she was a woman who had the courage to stand up and make a statement. He acknowledged that O'Connor paved the way for artists like himself to express their views freely. In his Grammy-nominated song "Take Me to Church," Hozier criticizes the Catholic Church's teachings on sexual orientation, emphasizing the shame associated with it.

Hozier believes that his song's message is even more relevant today than it was ten years ago. He highlights the fact that LGBTQ+ free zones and armed militia targeting queer spaces were not prevalent a decade ago. These alarming developments in society further emphasize the importance of addressing such issues through music.

During the interview, Hozier also expressed his concerns about the threat of artificial intelligence (AI) to the music industry. He mentioned how AI has been used to clone the voices of popular artists, leading to copyright concerns and disputes. The ongoing Hollywood actors and writers' strikes have also been partially driven by the need for protection against AI usage. Hozier indicated his support for a potential strike by the music industry to address this issue.

When asked about whether AI can be considered art, Hozier expressed uncertainty, stating that AI lacks the ability to create something based on the human experience. He described the question as a philosophical debate, highlighting the complexities surrounding the definition of art.

In conclusion, Hozier's interview shed light on the legacy of Sinéad O'Connor's protest, the relevance of his own song "Take Me to Church" in today's society, and his concerns about the impact of AI on the music industry. His insights provide a glimpse into the evolving nature of artistry and the challenges faced by musicians in an ever-changing world.

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