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Artificial intelligence News & Breaking Stories

Mars Society proposes institute for developing technology essential for Red Planet settlement
  • 19th Sep 2023

Mars Society proposes institute for developing technology essential for Red Planet settlement

Nonprofit organization the Mars Society has announced plans to establish the Mars Technology Institute (MTI), which will focus on developing the technology required to support human settlement on Mars. The MTI will initially focus on biotech projects, which require less funding than other areas of research. The Mars Society is seeking tax-deductible donations to fund the MTI.

Nvidia, Adobe Companies Join White House AI Standards Agreement
  • 12th Sep 2023

Nvidia, Adobe Companies Join White House AI Standards Agreement

Chipmaker Nvidia and seven other companies have agreed to a set of artificial intelligence (AI) standards led by the White House. The standards include requirements to disclose AI-generated content, share vulnerabilities, and commit to external testing before releasing products. The companies joining the agreement include Adobe, Palantir, IBM, and Salesforce. The White House has been engaging with industry on AI development and is promoting steps to ensure AI safety and security. The agreement will go into effect immediately and requires companies to prioritize research into minimizing harm and addressing security challenges.

What news can we find under Artificial intelligence News Section?

Ever wondered what news content you might find under the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Well, prepare to step into a world where technology and human intellect intersect. Now, let's explore this new planet that our digital explorers are mapping for us.

To begin with, artificial intelligence is turning fiction into reality! We now have driverless cars, recommendation systems like those in Netflix or Amazon, voice-operated personal assistants like Siri and Alexa — you name it. Do these developments tickle your curious mind?

The domain of AI covers a myriad themes as diverse as technological advancements themselves. Stories about AI often cite machine learning algorithms that adapt their performance based on data they absorb over time - doesn't that sound exciting? Then there's commentary around legal implications or ethical concerns associated with AI – talk about suspense! Wondering how job market’s doing? Breathe easy because we‘ve got reports predicting potential jobs created by the rise in this sector too!

New discoveries cropping up every day will make your heart race: robotics develops recipes for hotels while simultaneously vacuuming our homes—sounds unreal right? There are also articles talking about healthcare giants leveraging deep learning techniques to provide better patient care—are you intrigued yet?

Moreover, updates regarding government policies around mainstreaming AI introduce readers to an ongoing dialogue on striking the balance between progress and privacy.

In essence—you're served up juicy information at multiple levels from across various fields. Surely all of this gives more reasons than one to keep tabs on 'Artificial Intelligence' in news , don’t you think? It sounds just like being handed over tickets for an endless journey through sci-fi movies come real!

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