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PlayStation's New Wireless Headset Costs Similar to Portable PlayStation Portal

Sony reveals new PlayStation accessories, including the Elite Pulse and Pulse Explorer wireless headphones, with advanced features and high-quality sound.

Sony has recently announced some exciting details about the new PlayStation accessories that will accompany its upcoming mobile device, previously known as Project S. These accessories include two premium wireless headphones called Elite Pulse and Pulse Explorer.

The Elite Pulse headphones are traditional over-the-ear headphones that utilize PlayStation Link wireless technology. This technology enables them to deliver high-quality lossless sound and low latency, making them perfect for audiophiles. It's important to note that PlayStation Link is the only way to connect wireless audio accessories to the PS Portal, as the console does not support simple Bluetooth wireless headsets due to the lack of Bluetooth functionality. The Elite Pulse headphones also come with a foldable microphone and enhanced AI noise isolation. Additionally, a stand is included in the package for easy storage and transportation. The price for these headphones is set at 149 euros.

On the other hand, the Pulse Explorer is a wireless headset that also works with PlayStation Link technology. What sets these headphones apart is that they are Sony's first headphones to feature planar magnetic drivers. This technology ensures world-class sound quality, similar to what is used in the audio industry. The Pulse Explorer headphones can be connected to various devices, including the PS5, PC, Mac (with a USB adapter), or Bluetooth devices. The PlayStation Link USB Adapter will be sold separately for those who wish to connect the headphones to a PC or Mac. For example, the Pulse Explorer headphones can be connected to a PS5 via the USB adapter using PlayStation Link, while simultaneously being connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. This allows players to answer calls and listen in via the same headphones while playing on the PS5.

As for the pricing, the Pulse Explorer headphones will cost 219 euros, as announced by Sony on the PS blog. This price is equal to that of a portable PS Portal. Therefore, if someone wants the ultimate convenience of playing PS5 games in a different part of their home using the PlayStation Portal and wireless headphones, the total cost would range from €370 (PS Portal + Pulse Elite) to €440 (PS Portal + Pulse Explorer).

Unfortunately, Sony has not yet provided information on the availability of these accessories in stores. However, it is logical to assume that they will be released alongside the highly anticipated PlayStation Portal in 2023. Fans will have to stay tuned for further updates regarding the release date.

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