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World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg Retires, According to AP Source

Stephen Strasburg, former Washington Nationals pitcher and World Series MVP, has announced his retirement from baseball due to ongoing injuries. Strasburg was known for his dominant pitching and was a key player in the Nationals' championship win in 2019. Despite a promising start to his career, injuries cut it short.

Stephen Strasburg, the former Washington Nationals pitcher, was hailed as one of the most dominant starting pitchers in the game when he was healthy, according to his longtime teammate Ryan Zimmerman. Zimmerman expressed admiration for Strasburg's work ethic and stated that he deserves to be celebrated as a special player who exceeded expectations.

Unfortunately, Strasburg's career was derailed and ultimately cut short by injuries after leading the Nationals to their first franchise title four years ago. He underwent surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome, a nerve and blood disorder that required the removal of a rib and two neck muscles.

Since June 9, 2022, Strasburg has not pitched in a game. His only start of that season lasted 4 2/3 innings before he landed back on the injured list. In fact, he has only thrown 528 pitches in the majors since signing a lucrative seven-year contract worth $245 million in December 2019. Earlier this year, he experienced a setback and did not report to spring training.

Strasburg's absence has been felt by his teammates, who miss him and wish him the best. Pitcher Patrick Corbin acknowledged Strasburg's significant contribution to the team's success and expressed support for his future endeavors.

Before his career was plagued by injuries, Strasburg was considered a generational talent and was selected as the first overall pick in the 2009 draft. He quickly became one of the faces of the Nationals' franchise and made a memorable debut on July 8, 2010. In that game, known as "Strasmas," he struck out 14 batters, allowed two runs on four hits, and showcased his 100-plus mph fastball.

Zimmerman, who holds most of the Nationals' hitting records and was the team's first draft pick after their relocation to Washington, vividly remembers that game. He described the excitement and electricity surrounding Strasburg's debut and expressed his gratitude for being a part of such a historic moment.

Strasburg is currently owed over $150 million for the remainder of his contract, which is set to expire after this season. It is unclear whether the team and Strasburg have negotiated a buyout.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Nationals' decision to shut down Strasburg in the 2012 season, the long-term benefits became evident during the team's championship run in October 2019. Strasburg played a crucial role, going 5-0 with a 1.98 ERA and winning both of his starts against the Houston Astros in the World Series.

Throughout his career, Strasburg achieved an impressive record of 113-62 with a 3.24 ERA in 247 regular-season starts, all with the Nationals. He was a three-time NL All-Star and led the National League in strikeouts in 2014 and innings pitched in 2019.

In conclusion, Stephen Strasburg's career was marked by brilliance and potential, but unfortunately cut short by injuries. His impact on the Nationals' franchise and his teammates cannot be understated, and he will be remembered as a special player who overcame high expectations.

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