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'Best Yorkshire Locations for Perfect Super Blue Moon Viewing Tonight'

A super blue moon will illuminate the skies above Yorkshire tonight (August 30), appearing bigger and brighter than usual.

Tonight, the skies above Yorkshire will be illuminated by a rare and extraordinary event - a super blue moon. This is the fourth consecutive super moon to grace the UK this year, and it will be the last one until August 2032. What makes this moon even more special is that it is also a blue moon, which is when a second full moon occurs in the same month.

The term "super moon" refers to a phenomenon where the moon is closer to the Earth than usual, making it appear larger and brighter in the sky. This particular super blue moon will be visible in Yorkshire on both August 30 and August 31.

Typically, there is only one full moon each month, so the occurrence of a second full moon is quite rare, happening approximately once every two or three years. During a blue moon, the moon appears larger than usual and will rise at around 8pm (BST) on Thursday, setting at around 6am (BST) the following day.

To witness this celestial spectacle, you will need to stay up late, as the full moon will reach its peak at 2.35am in the UK on Thursday, August 31. The best time to catch a glimpse of the super blue moon is when the conditions are optimal for a clear sky - low cloud cover, favorable weather, and no obstructions on the horizon. This could include buildings or trees.

Fortunately, the weather forecast for Yorkshire tonight is relatively clear, according to the Met Office. At 1am, just before the super blue moon reaches its peak, Yorkshire is expected to have a clear night, turning partly cloudy at 2am. It will remain partly cloudy until sunrise on Thursday morning.

Astronomer Professor Don Pollacco from the University of Warwick explains that the moon can appear similar in size to the sun due to a fluke of nature. Although the moon is much smaller than the sun, it is much closer to the Earth.

This event is reminiscent of the largest super moon seen in the UK since 1948, which occurred in November 2018. During that month, the moon reached its fullest point within two hours of its perigee, making it appear almost 14% bigger and 30% brighter in the sky. The next time we will see a full moon that close to Earth will be on November 25, 2034.

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So, don't miss this rare opportunity to witness the magnificent super blue moon in all its glory tonight. Remember to find a spot with clear skies and minimal obstructions, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the celestial event.

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