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How to Watch The Continental Online from Anywhere
  • 23rd Sep 2023

How to Watch The Continental Online from Anywhere

"The Continental," a John Wick prequel series set in the 1970s, will be available on Peacock and Prime Video, but geo-restrictions apply. Use a VPN to unblock and stream the series from anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN is recommended.

What news can we find under British Summer Time News Section?

Discovering British Summer Time through the News

Ever wondered what's making headlines under the umbrella term 'British Summer Time'? Allow me to enlighten you!

British Summer Time (BST), or Daylight Saving Time as it's known elsewhere, is packed with news content ranging from lifestyle reflections and social impacts, to meteorological forecasts and legal alignments. Let's dive right into it.

The dawn of BST, which typically takes place at the end of March by moving an hour forward, often encourages a wave of lifestyle-focused articles emphasizing uplifting messages emboldening readers' spirits for longer days and brighter nights. Who doesn't love an extra hour in their park picnic or backyard barbeque?

Ain't that something? But then, there’s another angle too. Some intriguing discussions focus on BST’s effects outside our daily routines such as its impact on energy usage and evening crime rates. Mind-boggling data indeed!

No conversation about BST would be complete without mentioning some key players: our friendly neighbourhood meteorologists! Be prepared to welcome numerous weather updates predicting forecasts for Britain during summer time (Hello Sunscreen LOTION!!!). These are essential readings ensuring one isn’t caught off guard between tan times and tad-bit-too-hot situations.

Last but not least: Legalities! Did you know every year parliament discusses whether we should scrap this clock-tweaking practice altogether? The story goes beyond just adjusting clocks; changing sleep patterns has critics who claim health implications—a worthy read I must say!

So there folks, next time when ‘ British Summer Time ' pips in your Google search news tab - well now you know what layers to peel off while enjoying your lemonade coolers out in sun!

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