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Why two areas graded out with an F in Vanderbilt football's loss to Wake Forest

Vanderbilt football makes costly mistakes in 36-20 loss to Wake Forest, highlighting issues with penalties, turnovers, and special teams.

In a disappointing turn of events, Vanderbilt football did not perform as well as expected in their game against Wake Forest. Unlike their previous two games where they played clean football and excelled on special teams, the Commodores struggled with turnovers, failed fourth down attempts, and penalties. These issues resulted in a 36-20 loss to the Demon Deacons.

Looking ahead, Vanderbilt will need to address these problems before their next road game against UNLV and the start of SEC play. It is crucial for the team to clean up their act and improve their performance.

Analyzing the game, there were some positives on offense. Three receivers, Jayden McGowan, Will Sheppard, and London Humphreys, all had over 70 yards. However, the offense receives a low grade due to the turnovers and failed fourth down attempts, which occurred at critical moments in the second half. Additionally, there were two bad snaps that disrupted plays.

On the defensive side, there were moments of success. CJ Taylor stood out with two sacks and a forced fumble that was recovered by De'Rickey Wright at the 1-yard line. However, missed tackles led to a 74-yard run by Wake Forest. The defense also committed several penalties, including pass interferences and a late hit. Wake Forest exploited Vanderbilt's weakness against the run, accumulating 288 rushing yards and an average of 6.5 yards per rush.

Special teams had limited opportunities in the game, with only two punts for each team and no field goal attempts by Vanderbilt. However, the Commodores failed miserably during a punt return when Will Sheppard fumbled, resulting in a touchdown for Wake Forest. This mistake forced Vanderbilt to play catch-up for the remainder of the game.

Ultimately, the blame for the numerous mistakes falls on the coaches. While Vanderbilt has typically been disciplined under Clark Lea, this game was an exception. Penalties, turnovers, and special teams blunders plagued the team throughout the game.

One notable issue was the two bad snaps by fifth-year center Julian Hernandez, which resulted in lost yardage in the second half.

What makes this loss even more disappointing is that Vanderbilt was able to keep up with Wake Forest, even outgaining them in yards per play. However, the frequent mistakes proved to be costly, as Wake Forest played a cleaner game.

In conclusion, Vanderbilt football's performance against Wake Forest was marred by mistakes. It is crucial for the team to address these issues and improve before their upcoming games.

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