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"Josephine Langford's Involvement in 'After Everything' Addressed Amid Fan Backlash"

Fans are criticizing the final installment of the After film franchise for the absence of Josephine Langford as the protagonist.

The release of the fifth and final installment of the After film franchise has sparked controversy among fans due to the absence of Josephine Langford, who played the protagonist, Tessa Young. While Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprised his role as Hardin Scott, Langford's character was noticeably absent for most of the film, only appearing in a proposal scene that was shared on social media.

Fans quickly expressed their disappointment and frustration, but many defended Langford, pointing out that her contract was only for four movies, and the series was intended to end at that point. They argued that it was not her fault that the filmmakers decided to continue with a fifth movie that deviated significantly from the books, and questioned why she would want to continue working with a team that made such choices.

The final film revolves around Hardin's struggle to move on after his breakup with Tessa, as he embarks on a journey to Portugal to seek redemption for past wrongs and find himself. The official logline from Voltage Pictures describes his hope of winning back Tessa and realizing the need for personal growth before making a lasting commitment.

Following the release of the movie, another social media user expressed their disappointment, claiming that the film had ruined the story they loved from the books. They criticized the lack of respect shown towards the fans, the original source material, and Josephine Langford, demanding answers.

Fans had already noticed in May, when a first look at the movie was released, that Langford's role seemed to be reduced. They observed that all her scenes in the trailer were taken from the previous four films, which led to initial backlash online. Some fans even resorted to harassing the cast, crew, and their loved ones, prompting the film studio to condemn such behavior as unacceptable.

The official After movie Instagram account released a statement on May 11, expressing sadness over the negative comments and messages and emphasizing the importance of respectful communication. They acknowledged the fans' right to voice their opinions, whether positive or negative, but urged them to direct their feedback towards the studio rather than resorting to harassment.

Despite the studio's response, fans continued to express their dissatisfaction with the franchise, arguing that a movie without the main character is not a true representation of the story and that the narrative had been distorted from the original books. They felt that the changes made to Hardin and Tessa's story undermined the themes of overcoming obstacles and love, which resonated with them in the novels.

The After film franchise is based on a series of books by Anna Todd, originally written as fan-fiction on Wattpad. The character of Hardin was inspired by Harry Styles, and the series consists of four After novels and one prequel.

The first After film was released in April 2019, followed by After We Collided in September 2020 and After We Fell in September 2021. The final film, After Ever Happy, was released in September 2022, deviating from the books by depicting Hardin and Tessa breaking up instead of ending up together. The announcement of a fifth movie that strayed so far from the original novels caused confusion and ultimately fueled the backlash from fans.

While the stars of the film have remained silent amidst the controversy, Langford previously discussed her perspective on wrapping up the franchise and the conditions under which she would consider returning as Tessa. She emphasized the importance of a compelling reason and a meaningful storyline, expressing her aversion to overstaying one's welcome and potentially diluting the impact of a successful project.

In conclusion, the absence of Josephine Langford's character in the fifth After film has sparked backlash among fans, who feel that the movie deviated too far from the original books and lacked respect for the fans and source material. The controversy highlights the challenges of adapting a popular book series into a film franchise and the importance of maintaining a cohesive narrative and satisfying the expectations of dedicated fans.

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