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Is Ocean Master a good guy in Aquaman 2? The DC character, explained

The first trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom suggests a reluctant alliance between Aquaman and his villainous brother, but don't expect a complete redemption arc. The film marks the end of the DCEU and the superhero franchise model.

In this captivating premise, we are introduced to a reluctant superhero and head of state who possesses an ancient and magical weapon symbolizing his authority. This extraordinary individual is compelled to join forces with his wicked yet enticing brother, whom he had previously imprisoned for attempting to seize power and forge an alliance with unscrupulous outsiders, ultimately leading to the destruction of humanity. Warner Bros., enticed by this unique concept, decided to bring it to life. However, the question remains: Will Orm, distinct from Loki, genuinely align himself with Aquaman, who bears no resemblance to Thor, by the conclusion of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Surprisingly, the film's initial trailer was released on September 14, 2023. It hints at a storyline where Aquaman, having suffered significant defeats at the hands of the now enhanced Black Manta, is left with no choice but to take action. Unfortunately, allies are scarce due to the DCEU's inability to secure a Superman cameo, regardless of their efforts. In desperate need of a skilled combatant capable of enduring lengthy periods without air, Arthur Curry turns to his half-brother, Ocean Master, hoping that their shared love for the endangered Atlantis will unite them as natural allies.

Footage from the trailer showcases Aquaman and Ocean Master reluctantly teaming up, reminiscent of the classic dynamic between a good cop and a bad cop. However, the question arises: Will Ocean Master's transformation endure?

Realistically, it is highly probable that by the conclusion of Aquaman 2, Ocean Master will revert to his villainous ways. Complete turnarounds from villain to hero are rare in the realm of comic book movies. Unless Warner Bros. has decided to abandon their current approach and imitate the MCU's Phase Five strategy, which involves granting Orm a spinoff series where he learns to become a better person through his friendship with Owen Wilson, it is safe to assume that this historically megalomaniacal antagonist will remain true to his nature.

Even if the final scene of Aquaman 2 portrays Ocean Master confessing that his animosity towards Aquaman stemmed from his fear of his own feelings for him, followed by a heartfelt embrace between the two, witnessed by an audience of Atlanteans who must confront their acceptance of him as their dictator, it will ultimately hold no significance. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom marks the conclusion of the DCEU. The endless expansion model that these superhero movies were built upon will inevitably succumb to the forces of entropy as soon as the theater lights come on. While the film may attempt to set the stage for another sequel or a grand Justice League event that will never materialize, it could also take a whimsical turn where Orm reveals his true passion for puppetry. The last 45 minutes of the movie could then unfold as unedited, real-time footage of him receiving guidance from Frank Oz on the art of bringing a googly-eyed sock puppet to life. Yet, regardless of these possibilities, the future trajectory remains unaffected.

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