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"Why was Eli Drinkwitz angry? Missouri football coach reacts to upset win over Kansas State"

Missouri football coach Eli Drinkwitz expressed anger at fans who booed the team's starting quarterback, Brady Cook, during introductions.

In a stunning turn of events, the Missouri Tigers achieved a remarkable victory over the 15th-ranked Kansas State Wildcats with a game-winning 61-yard field goal by Harrison Mevis. The head coach of MU, Eli Drinkwitz, expressed a range of emotions after the game, including sentimentality, firmness, and anger. He had a lot to say about the team's performance and the atmosphere surrounding the game.

One particular moment that angered Drinkwitz was when some individuals in the crowd booed during the player introductions. They booed not only the opposing team but also their own starting quarterback, Brady Cook. This display of disrespect towards Cook did not sit well with the head coach, who passionately defended his player. He emphasized that Cook had played exceptionally well for the university and deserved the support of the fans. Drinkwitz made it clear that booing the starting quarterback should never happen.

Despite the initial negativity, Cook's outstanding performance in the game silenced the boos. He accumulated an impressive 356 passing yards and contributed three total touchdowns to secure the upset win. This victory is undoubtedly the most significant achievement of the Drinkwitz era so far. It marks a top-15 win on home turf and propels the team to a 3-0 start in a season where they had much to prove.

Drinkwitz, however, downplayed the win as a program-changing moment. Instead, he viewed it as a reaffirmation of the team's goals and aspirations. He emphasized the importance of the ongoing process of building a lasting and successful program. This process involves recruiting talented players, integrating transfers into the team culture, and fostering belief and resilience to win close games. The head coach highlighted the significance of physicality and mental toughness, echoing the principles preached by Coach Ryan Russell in the weight room.

During the game, Cook suffered a notable injury to his knee, which limited his mobility. Despite this setback, Cook remained in the pocket and delivered exceptional throws to secure the victory. The injury had a significant impact on the team's performance in the third quarter, as they had to adjust their game plan accordingly. Drinkwitz revealed that he had a conversation with Cook, expressing his concern for the player's well-being and urging him to communicate if he was unable to contribute effectively. Cook assured the coach that he was fine and ready to continue playing, although the team had a backup plan in place if needed.

Kansas State's ranking as the 15th-best team in the nation and their status as the reigning Big 12 champions made this victory even more impressive for Missouri. Drinkwitz acknowledged the quality of the opponent and the challenge they posed. He refrained from dwelling too much on the significance of the win, as there is still a long season ahead and improvements to be made. However, he recognized that the victory showcased the team's improvement and growth compared to the previous year. The head coach expressed his respect for Kansas State and their winning tradition, making the triumph all the more meaningful for Missouri.

In conclusion, the Missouri Tigers' triumph over the Kansas State Wildcats was a remarkable achievement that showcased the team's resilience, talent, and growth under the leadership of head coach Eli Drinkwitz. Despite facing adversity and criticism, the Tigers rallied together to secure a memorable victory. This win serves as a stepping stone in the ongoing process of building a successful program and reinforces the team's commitment to their goals. With this victory, Missouri has made a statement and proven their ability to compete with top-ranked opponents.

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