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Hunter Biden Drama: President Joe Biden Remains Silent.

Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, is facing three felony federal gun charges, including lying on a federal form. This raises questions about the hypocrisy of the Biden administration's stance on gun control.

Greetings, everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay in San Diego, enjoying the beautiful view of the marina on this cloudy morning. I'm here attending a conference that aims to raise awareness and find solutions for the issue of fatherlessness in America.

While I was on my way here, I couldn't help but think about the recent news regarding Hunter Biden's indictments on federal gun charges. It immediately reminded me of the '70s song "The Hustle" by Van McCoy. If Special Prosecutor David Weiss and the entire Biden crime syndicate believe that the American people will fall for this deception, they are gravely mistaken. It's clear to me that this charade is nothing more than a facade, and if you're not convinced, let's dive into the details.

First and foremost, why are we only now seeing an indictment for a felony that was committed back in 2018? The statute of limitations is about to expire. As someone who has served on the Board of the NRA, currently chairs the Second Amendment Institute, and is a Life Member of various 2nd Amendment advocacy organizations, I'm well acquainted with BATF Form 4473. It's important to note that lying on this form is an immediate federal felony with a minimum sentence of five years. Anyone who fills out this form is well aware of the consequences.

The Hunter Biden legal team's feeble excuse that no harm was done is simply ridiculous. If that were the case, then anyone who has been found guilty and served or is serving a prison sentence could file a lawsuit and claim that no harm was done. Hunter's lawyers seem to believe that lying on this form is acceptable as long as no crime is committed with the weapon. However, lying on the form is a crime in and of itself.

It's quite interesting and ironic that Joe Biden, the advocate for gun control, now has a son who is guilty of three felony federal gun charges.

What's even more intriguing, and hypocritical, is that Hunter is charged with lying to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). These same FFLs are being prosecuted and having their licenses revoked by Biden's out-of-control ATF agency for minor errors on Form 4473.

To make matters worse, Joe Biden recently issued an executive order targeting a simple firearm accessory called a "pistol brace," which is essentially a piece of plastic that enhances control and handling of certain firearms. In an instant, Biden sought to turn millions of law-abiding gun owners into felons. And now, his own son is facing felony gun charges.

Isn't it ironic that while Hunter Biden is dealing with three felony gun charges, the Governor of New Mexico is attempting to undermine the constitutional rights of legal, law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms? Let's be honest, this left-wing attempt to protect the Biden crime family is nothing more than a poorly executed performance of Kabuki theater. And let's not forget how Biden claims to be in favor of "gun control" while releasing one of the world's most notorious gun dealers in exchange for a WNBA basketball player. It's truly unbelievable.

The real deception in all of this is the distraction they're trying to create, but no one is falling for it.

Hunter Biden was ready to plead guilty when he thought he was getting a favorable plea deal, which would have included his tax evasion charges. If Weiss believes that we'll fall for this Kansas City Shuffle, he's sorely mistaken. These felony gun charges, which they're trying to delay until the clock runs out, are insignificant compared to the tax evasion issues because they could easily lead back to the "Big Guy." And we all know that ol' Joe, who insists his son did nothing wrong, will probably pardon him.

David Weiss and the lawless Biden DOJ under Merrick Garland are attempting a weak hustle on the American people. Their feeble attempt to save face failed as soon as it was announced. Hunter Biden must be held accountable for felony tax evasion. It's worth considering the hypocrisy of Joe Biden demanding that we "pay our fair share" when his own son evaded taxes for six years. Hunter Biden is a burden on Joe Biden, who willingly kept him close and involved in government affairs, just as Joe Biden appears to have been involved in Hunter's illicit business dealings. The Biden crime family's long-standing hustle is finally coming to an end. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Clinton crime syndicate.

As we approach 2024, the progressive socialists cannot afford to have Biden and his baggage at the top of the ticket. With that said, one has to wonder why California Governor Gavin Newsom is heading to China. Perhaps he's trying to reassure Xi Jinping that his president, who was bought and paid for, will still be running?

All of this reminds me of a quote from Sir Walter Scott's play "Marmion": "O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

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