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Dave Portnoy fires back at WaPo reporter, 'Not an ounce of journalism'

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy calls out a Washington Post reporter for handling an upcoming "hit piece" against him.

In an exclusive interview on "Jesse Watters Primetime," Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, expressed his frustration with a Washington Post reporter, Emily Heil, regarding an upcoming "hit piece" story against him. Portnoy took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share a recorded phone conversation he had with Heil, who covers national food news and trends for the Post. According to Portnoy, Heil had sent emails to several advertisers associated with his upcoming One Bite Pizza Festival in Brooklyn, New York, inquiring about his "history of misogynistic comments and other problematic behavior."

Portnoy, in an effort to shed light on the situation, published a screenshot of the email on the Barstool website. The email stated that the Post planned to write about the festival and criticize sponsors and participants for associating themselves with Portnoy due to his alleged history of misogynistic comments and problematic behavior.

During the interview with Jesse Watters, Portnoy expressed his belief that journalism has transformed into activism, with reporters no longer seeking the truth. He criticized those who threatened the pizzerias involved in the festival, claiming that they had previously fought to shut down these businesses. Portnoy argued that he had been the one fighting to support and raise money for small businesses, only to have those same individuals turn against him. He stated that journalists had become activists and that there was no longer any genuine journalism left.

When asked why he believed the Washington Post "hated" him, Portnoy attributed it to the broken state of people's minds since the emergence of Donald Trump. He mentioned that he could predict whether he would be portrayed positively or negatively based on the organization's name that was about to feature him. He expressed his frustration with the lack of objectivity in reporting.

Heil, on the recorded phone call, explained that she had intended to reach out to Portnoy for comment and that her tactic was to indicate the possibility of something negative in order to elicit a response. She claimed that she was simply trying to engage him.

Portnoy revealed that he had been the subject of numerous "hit pieces" in the past but rarely had the opportunity to speak directly with the reporters involved. He argued that if given the chance, he could correct their misconceptions and inaccuracies. He believed that reporters avoided interviewing him because they knew their own biases and dishonesty would be exposed.

In a lighthearted moment, Portnoy invited Heil to attend the One Bite Pizza Festival, where she could "confess" her sins to him and enjoy some pizza.

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