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"Doug Burgum Criticizes Fox and Univision Debate: American People's Verdict in Disappointment"

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum criticized the recent Republican presidential primary debate for excessive crosstalk and lack of control.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum expressed his dissatisfaction with the recent Republican presidential primary debate, hosted by Fox Business Network and Univision. Burgum criticized the excessive crosstalk during the debate, making it difficult to follow. He mentioned that it would be interesting to review the tape and determine if the time allotted for each candidate accounted for the interruptions and overlapping conversations. Burgum himself felt that he did not have a fair opportunity to speak during the first 45 minutes of the debate, as it frequently turned into a chaotic shouting match.

The debate received widespread criticism on social media, with many viewers deeming it "unwatchable." The debate moderators were unable to maintain control over the candidates, and the questions asked were perceived as more fitting for a left-wing network rather than a Fox platform.

Burgum, speaking to reporters, expressed his belief that the debate was a disservice to the democratic process. He emphasized that the American voters were the ones who suffered the most from the lack of clarity and understanding about the candidates and their positions. Burgum believed that televised debates should not be reduced to clickbait, as it is the voters who ultimately decide the course of the campaign.

Despite the challenges faced during the debate, Burgum managed to make an impactful interjection regarding the auto industry strike. However, he had to fight for the opportunity to speak amidst the chaos.

Burgum's remarks during the debate shed light on the reasons behind the auto industry strike in Detroit. He attributed the strike to Joe Biden's interference in capital markets and free markets. Burgum criticized the subsidies provided to automakers, particularly for electric vehicles, and highlighted the issue of China's control over Rare Earth minerals used in battery production. He argued that China's destructive mining practices for these minerals were contributing to environmental degradation.

The third debate is tentatively scheduled for November in Miami. However, it remains uncertain if former president Donald Trump, who is currently the frontrunner, will participate after skipping the first two debates.

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