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Ford's UAW Agreement Paves Way For Wage Hikes, Stirs Unionization Efforts
  • 26th Oct 2023

Ford's UAW Agreement Paves Way For Wage Hikes, Stirs Unionization Efforts

Ford has reached a tentative agreement with the United Automobile Workers (UAW) that includes a 25% wage increase and improved retirement benefits. The deal could influence future contracts with other automakers and potentially lead to increased costs. It is seen as a potential deterrent against labor unrest during Ford's transition to electric vehicles. Non-union automakers may face pressure to increase wages in response to Ford's move. The ability to produce innovative electric vehicles will be key in maintaining market position.

Consider Buying The Drop In Tesla Stock Post Q3 Earnings
  • 19th Oct 2023

Consider Buying The Drop In Tesla Stock Post Q3 Earnings

Tesla's stock drops after disappointing Q3 earnings, but temporary factors are impacting its bottom line. However, its dominant position and competitive advantages could lead to higher stock prices in the future.

GM increases wage offer ahead of UAW strike deadline
  • 14th Sep 2023

GM increases wage offer ahead of UAW strike deadline

General Motors (GM) has increased its contract offer to a 20% wage hike for US autoworkers in a bid to avoid a strike. Ford Motor has also confirmed it offered a 20% hike and other benefits. The United Auto Workers (UAW) is demanding 40% raises and major improvements in benefits. The UAW has outlined plans for a series of strikes targeting individual auto plants if agreements are not reached. The UAW is asking for 40% raises and major improvements in benefits. A full strike would hit earnings at each affected automaker by about $400 million to $500 million per week.

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