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'Flames' assistant GM Chris Snow on life support while organ donation is arranged'

Calgary Flames assistant GM Chris Snow, who has ALS, is on life support after suffering a brain injury.

Calgary Flames assistant general manager Chris Snow is currently in a critical condition and on life support while arrangements are being made for organ donation, according to his wife's confirmation on Thursday morning. Snow, who was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) four years ago, suffered cardiac arrest on Tuesday, resulting in a severe brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation.

In a social media post, Kelsie Snow shared that recent tests have confirmed that Chris will not regain consciousness. Despite this devastating news, she expressed their family's commitment to helping others even in death, as Chris had previously offered his body for a clinical trial. As they await the organ donation process, Chris remains on life support. Kelsie expressed her immense pride in her husband's selflessness.

When Chris Snow was initially diagnosed with ALS in 2019, doctors gave him a prognosis of just one year to live. This disease, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, has tragically affected multiple members of his family, including his father, two uncles, and a cousin who all succumbed to the illness. A specific genetic mutation has been identified within their family.

Despite the challenges posed by his deteriorating health and frequent hospitalizations, Snow continued to work for the Calgary Flames this year. His dedication to the team and the sport has been unwavering. Prior to his role with the Flames, Snow had a successful career as a sportswriter before transitioning to the NHL. He served as the director of hockey operations for the Minnesota Wild from 2006 to 2010 before joining the Flames as the director of hockey analysis in 2011. In September 2019, he was promoted to assistant general manager.

Kelsie Snow concluded her heartfelt post on Wednesday with a deeply personal and emotional message. She expressed the profound pain she feels at the thought of living without Chris, describing him as the most beautiful and brilliant person she has ever known. She urged others to cherish their loved ones and hold them close, emphasizing the fragility of life.

The news of Chris Snow's brain injury has undoubtedly shaken the hockey community and beyond. The outpouring of support and well wishes for him and his family serves as a testament to the impact he has made both professionally and personally. As the Flames and the entire hockey world rally around Chris Snow, his strength, resilience, and selflessness continue to inspire.

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