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Desert Bacteria Assists Development of Carbon Capturing Paint
  • 17th Oct 2023

Desert Bacteria Assists Development of Carbon Capturing Paint

Researchers at the University of Surrey have developed a "living paint" called Green Living Paint, which uses a bacterium that captures carbon dioxide and produces oxygen through photosynthesis. The bacterium, Chroococcidiopsis cubana, is an extremophile that requires little water for survival. The biocoating made from this bacterium can reduce water consumption and has potential applications as a bioreactor or biosensor.

Mars Society proposes institute for developing technology essential for Red Planet settlement
  • 19th Sep 2023

Mars Society proposes institute for developing technology essential for Red Planet settlement

Nonprofit organization the Mars Society has announced plans to establish the Mars Technology Institute (MTI), which will focus on developing the technology required to support human settlement on Mars. The MTI will initially focus on biotech projects, which require less funding than other areas of research. The Mars Society is seeking tax-deductible donations to fund the MTI.

What news can we find under Oxygen News Section?

"Hey, have you ever wondered what makes up a whopping 21% of the air we breathe? Yup, that's right! It's oxygen. But wait - is there more to know about this essential gas? You bet there is! So let’s dive into some fascinating news content found under the topic Oxygen."

"News Flash! The correlation between COVID-19 and Oxygen has been a hot topic across numerous channels recently. Did you know that doctors are administering high-flow oxygen as part of their treatment protocol for severe COVID-19 patients? They need it because the virus often causes acute respiratory distress syndrome.

"Here’s something else: could deep-ocean creatures hold insights into alien life forms by adapting to environments with little or no oxygen at all? Scientists are investigating marine species living in low-oxygen zones and extracting amazing discoveries on how these creatures take in nutrients and expel waste without requiring much O2 – think about it, doesn't this sound like good info for those NASA folks planning trips to Mars?"

"The significant role played by photosynthetic organisms - including trees, algae, corals etc., cannot be understated when discussing Oxygen-centric news topics.They use sunlight brilliantly (pun intended!) to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose along with this vital guy called 'oxygen'.Just imagine where would our planet be if this wasn’t happening!"

Global Warming & Dissolved Oxygen Levels

Last but not least, climate scientists are raising alarm bells around declining dissolved oxygen levels in world oceans due to global warming. Warmer waters can hold less dissolved gases (like your favourite soda going flat on a hot day), posing a threat to oceanic ecosystems.Who would have thought that something as elementary as 'Oxygen' could stir up discussions so deep and wide, eh?"

"Remember, oxygen isn't just the air we breathe - it's an incredible topic with a vast array of news content waiting to be explored. Stay curious!"

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