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Bellingham's Message to Modric Fuels Inter Miami MLS Move

Jude Bellingham is becoming a goal-scoring sensation for Real Madrid, with seven goals in nine games this season.

Jude Bellingham is proving himself to be a remarkable goal scorer, surpassing expectations and performing at the level of the deadliest forwards in Europe. Despite being labeled as a midfielder, Bellingham has been instrumental in securing seven points for Madrid in LaLiga and contributing to their victory against Union Berlin in the Champions League.

In the recent match against Girona, the 20-year-old Englishman once again found the back of the net, helping Madrid secure a resounding 3-0 victory over the then-league leaders. Although he had to wait until the 71st minute, Bellingham's name eventually appeared on the scoreboard. Prior to his goal, he had already showcased his exceptional skills with an assist using the outside of his boot, a pass that even Modric would be proud of, allowing Joselu to put Los Blancos ahead in the match. Bellingham's goal against Girona brings his total tally for the season to seven goals, with six in the League and one in the Champions League.

In a Madrid team that has struggled to find consistent goal scorers, Bellingham has displayed a clinical touch. Remarkably, he has only needed 22 attempts to score his seven goals in the nine games he has played this season.

When comparing his conversion rate to other players in LaLiga and the Champions League, Bellingham stands out with a 31.82% conversion rate. In contrast, Rodrygo has only managed to score once despite having 34 shots, while Joselu has needed 32 attempts to score four goals. Among the other five players who have contributed a goal, only Brahim comes close to Bellingham's effectiveness, having scored three times in just 108 minutes of play.

Expanding the scope to include all of Europe's major competitions, Bellingham ranks among the best goal scorers on the continent. As of this Saturday, only 42 players had scored at least four goals in the top leagues of Spain, England, Italy, Germany, and France.

At first glance, Bellingham's goal-scoring prowess may go unnoticed, as he currently sits in 16th place in terms of effectiveness, having scored six goals from 18 shots in the League (33.3%). However, his conversion rate surpasses that of players like Mbappé (7 goals from 26 shots, 26.9%) and Haaland (8 goals from 32 attempts, 25%).

The most effective goal scorer in Europe is Abdón Prats, who has scored four goals from just six shots (66.7%). In the Spanish League, only Prats, Morata, and Kubo have been more effective in front of goal than Madrid's top scorer, Bellingham.

In less than two months of competition in Spain, Bellingham has already achieved numbers that rank as the second best in his entire career. Last year, he finished with 14 goals, and now he finds himself halfway there.

Bellingham's impact extends beyond his goal-scoring abilities. In the match against Girona, he was the team's third-best passer, with a success rate of 97.8% (44 of 45 passes), and 13 of his passes into the final third of the field found a teammate. Throughout the eight games he has played for Real Madrid, Bellingham has consistently maintained a passing accuracy of over 80%.

Bellingham credits Modric as his source of inspiration for his assist to Joselu. He revealed that he had been studying Modric's playing style for three months and expressed his gratitude to the Croatian midfielder for the lessons he has learned. Bellingham even posted a photo on Instagram, showing himself boarding the plane alongside Modric, accompanied by a winking emoji, as a gesture of appreciation.

Overall, Jude Bellingham's performances have surpassed expectations, both in terms of his goal-scoring prowess and his overall contribution to the team. As a young player, he has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with and continues to impress with each game.

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