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Rory McIlroy's parking lot skirmish sparks Ryder Cup drama

Ryder Cup tensions rise as Patrick Cantlay allegedly protests players not being paid, leading to a shouting match with Rory McIlroy.

The Ryder Cup in Rome took an unexpected turn on Saturday evening, transforming from a blowout to a thrilling and tense event. The catalyst for this change was a series of incidents involving Patrick Cantlay and Rory McIlroy.

The initial spark came from a report by Sky Sports, claiming that Cantlay was protesting against players not being paid to compete by refusing to wear a hat. Cantlay later clarified that his hat simply did not fit well. However, the report prompted thousands of European fans to wave their hats in support of Cantlay as he passed by. The tension continued to build as Cantlay made a remarkable putt on the 18th hole, with his caddie Joe LaCava waving his own hat at the grandstand and encroaching on McIlroy's playing space.

But the situation escalated further when McIlroy was caught on camera in a shouting match in the parking lot of Marco Simone. The cause of the argument was unclear, but it was later revealed that Cantlay had been a disruptive presence in the American team room throughout the week.

As the tension grew, spectators began chanting Cantlay's name and waving their hats. Undeterred, Cantlay birdied the 16th and 17th holes, encouraging the fans to continue their support. By the time the group reached the 18th green, the entire property was leaning in their direction. Cantlay then made an incredible 43-foot putt for a birdie, sending the American hats into the air once again.

LaCava, caught up in the excitement, waved his hat on the green and stood in McIlroy's line of vision. McIlroy asked him to move aside, but LaCava continued to wave his hat, causing McIlroy to become upset. McIlroy and his partner, Matt Fitzpatrick, missed their birdie putts, ensuring an American victory and a five-point deficit for Europe going into Sunday.

After the match, there was a tense exchange of words between LaCava and Shane Lowry, but the details of the argument were unclear. Eventually, the teams dispersed, with the victorious Americans holding a press conference and the rest retreating to the clubhouse.

As darkness fell, the players and their families left the property. McIlroy was caught on camera in a heated exchange, pointing and shouting in a spirited manner. The recipient of his anger remains unknown, but the incident added to the growing tension at the Ryder Cup.

As the events unfolded, questions arose about the actions of Cantlay, LaCava, and McIlroy. The two captains, Zach Johnson and Luke Donald, addressed the situation with different tones. Donald expressed his concern about the line being crossed and promised to address the issue with McIlroy. Johnson, on the other hand, believed that the situation had been diffused after speaking with LaCava.

The events of Saturday evening will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the Ryder Cup. The tension and drama created will continue to be a topic of discussion, especially depending on the outcome of Sunday's matches.

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