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Virgin Galactic rockets tourist passengers into space
  • 11th Aug 2023

Virgin Galactic rockets tourist passengers into space

Virgin Galactic successfully launched its first tourist passengers into space, marking a major milestone in the company's pursuit of space tourism. The three passengers experienced weightlessness and admired views of Earth and space before safely landing in New Mexico. This achievement fulfills a nearly two-decade-old promise by founder Richard Branson to bring tourists into space. The flight also establishes Virgin Galactic as a competitor in the suborbital space tourism sector.

Preview of MSG Sphere in Las Vegas unveils breathtaking exterior display for 4th of July
  • 6th Jul 2023

Preview of MSG Sphere in Las Vegas unveils breathtaking exterior display for 4th of July

The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, touted as the world's largest spherical structure, has showcased its LED lights display during a preview event on 4 July. The structure, which is 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide, features a bowl-shaped theatre with the world's highest-resolution wraparound LED screen. The exterior is fitted with 1.2 million LED lights that can display dynamic imagery on a massive scale. The venue, which cost $2.3bn to build, is set to open on 29 September with a series of U2 concerts.

What news can we find under Spacecraft News Section?

Space, the vast expanse of cosmos that remains a mystery to us earthlings. Here lies an exciting realm brimming with curiosities about planets, galaxies, and infinite celestial bodies. But how exactly do we get our hands on this intel? Who is keeping tabs? Well folks! The answer might surprise you - 'spacecraft'. So, what news content can we seek under the topic spacecraft?

Understand Space Exploration

The first category of intriguing headlines revolves around space exploration missions. You'll find yourself captivated by successful rocket launches like those conducted by SpaceX or groundbreaking discoveries made by drones on Mars such as NASA's Perseverance Rover.

Dwell Into Technological Advancements

Next up are gripping stories embodying technological progress in the design and construction of spacecrafts themselves. This section teems with tales about new propulsion systems being developed or resilient heat shield designs allowing crafts to witness Venus' surface.

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