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'Broncos Release OLB Randy Gregory: Unveiling Salary Cap Implications'

"Denver Broncos release Randy Gregory, resulting in largest dead money cap hit for a defensive player in NFL history."

In a surprising turn of events, the Denver Broncos have made the decision to release Randy Gregory, their free agent signing from 2022. This move comes as a result of Gregory's inability to live up to his five-year, $70 million contract. Unfortunately, injuries have plagued Gregory, causing him to only be available for 10 out of the team's 21 games over the past two years. In those limited appearances, he only managed to accumulate three sacks.

The decision to release Gregory appears to be a statement move from head coach Sean Payton, who is holding players accountable for their poor defensive performances this season. This move sends a clear message that underperforming players will not be tolerated.

However, this release comes at a cost for the Broncos. According to, the team will be hit with a whopping $16.1 million in dead money this season and an additional $6.3 million in dead money in 2024. This brings the total dead money cap hit to a staggering $22.4 million, making it the largest dead money cap hit for a defensive player in NFL history.

Despite the financial setback, the Broncos will have a net savings of $9.8 million in cap space in 2024, and Gregory will not be owed anything from the team in 2025. While this may alleviate some of the financial burden, it does little to ease the disappointment of Gregory's lackluster performance.

This release also raises questions about the decision-making of general manager George Paton. Paton was the one who awarded Gregory with the massive contract just last year, and now it appears that decision has backfired. Fans are left wondering if Paton may be on the hot seat for his role in building this struggling roster.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter has been abuzz with reactions to the Broncos' release of Gregory. Many fans and analysts have weighed in on the decision, expressing their opinions and concerns. It is clear that this move has sparked a significant amount of discussion and debate among football enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the release of Randy Gregory by the Denver Broncos is a significant development that has left fans and analysts alike questioning the team's decision-making. While injuries may have played a role in Gregory's underperformance, it is clear that the team is holding players accountable for their on-field performance. Only time will tell how this move will ultimately impact the Broncos' defense and the future of the organization.

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