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Netflix's "The Fall Of The House Of Usher": What If Succession Was a Horror Story? - /Film

"The Fall of the House of Usher" is a chilling horror mini-series that modernizes Edgar Allan Poe's stories and explores the corruption of the American ruling class. Comparisons to "Succession" have already begun.

In the latest horror mini-series by Mike Flanagan, "The Fall of the House of Usher," Edgar Allan Poe's stories are brought into the modern era. The narrative revolves around the Usher family, who are now a wealthy dynasty and the owners of a pharmaceutical corporation called Fortunato. At the helm of this family are twin siblings Roderick and Madeline, portrayed by Bruce Greenwood and Mary McDonnell respectively. Roderick's spoiled adult children, six in total from different mothers, also have a stake in the family's fortune. Comparisons have already been drawn between this series and the recently concluded "Succession."

Similar to the Roy family in "Succession," the Ushers have amassed their wealth by contributing to the decay of society. The Roys, as owners of the media conglomerate Waystar Royco, have shaped the minds of American consumers through the dissemination of far-right political propaganda. Their "news" network, ATN, bears a striking resemblance to Fox News. On the other hand, the Ushers have played a role in the opioid epidemic by profiting from their addictive painkiller, Ligadone, which can be likened to OxyContin. In the final episode, Roderick experiences a haunting vision of bodies falling like rain and accumulating into a mountain, symbolizing the consequences of his life's work.

Both "Succession" and "House of Usher" delve into the corruption within the American ruling class. However, while "Succession" focuses on the Murdochs (owners of News Corp), "House of Usher" takes aim at the Sacklers (associated with Purdue Pharma). Furthermore, "Succession" adopts a darkly comedic tone, inviting viewers to both laugh and be appalled by the pettiness of the powerful. In contrast, "House of Usher," inspired by Poe's tradition, delivers a horrifying tale. Unlike Flanagan's previous works, this series may have you rooting for the vengeful ghost to exact its revenge.

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