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SNL: Pete Davidson Parodies Himself in 'Barbie' Pastiche

"SNL's Pete Davidson parodies Barbie, mocks himself in season 49 opener, generating tons of publicity for his comedy."

Saturday Night Live took advantage of the opportunity to create a hilarious parody of Barbie. After being off the air due to the writers strike, the season 49 opener marked their return, and Lorne Michaels gave Pete Davidson the chance to shine.

Davidson didn't hold back in mocking himself, specifically targeting his show Bupkis and his legal battles with Kanye West. The parody, featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, showcased Davidson's comedic talent.

The skit begins with Punkie Johnson questioning Davidson's abilities, stating, "What's Pete going to do? He only has like one character." Andrew Dismukes adds, "Why is he hosting again? He just left and it's not like his show was a hit." This sets the stage for Davidson to prove himself.

Bupkis, the drama series Davidson created and starred in alongside Edie Falco and Joe Pesci, becomes the target of jokes in the parody. Davidson sings, "No one cares about the work I do. I made a show with Joe Pesci too and no one streamed it but my mom." It's clear that Davidson is not afraid to poke fun at his own projects.

Interestingly, SNL fans who missed out on Bupkis can catch a repeat airing on NBC after the show. This highlights the show's commitment to showcasing its cast members' work.

Davidson continues to list his own eccentric behavior, such as buying a Staten Island ferry with Colin Jost and surprising people with trips to rehab. He even references his own "BDE" (big dick energy) and bipolar energy. Davidson's self-deprecating humor adds to the comedic value of the skit.

The parody takes a brief moment to display a photo of Kanye West, who is the ex-husband of Davidson's former girlfriend Kim Kardashian. This further emphasizes Davidson's ability to laugh at himself and the attention his personal life receives.

Davidson concludes the skit by driving his Ken-mobile into the Barbie house, playfully mocking his own recent driving mishaps. This lighthearted ending leaves the audience with a smile.

Overall, Saturday Night Live's Barbie parody was a perfect opportunity for Pete Davidson to showcase his comedic talent and poke fun at himself. The skit also provided a glimpse of new cast member Chloe Troast, alongside talented performers like Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang. SNL continues to entertain and deliver laughs, proving why it remains a beloved staple of comedy television.

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