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Ryan Gosling performance Oscars
  • 11th Mar 2024

Ryan Gosling performance Oscars

Ryan Gosling wows at Oscars with "I'm Just Ken" performance from "Barbie" movie, but loses to Billie Eilish and Finneas.

Movie Review: 'Dumb Money' recalls GameStop squeeze, when regular investors clashed with Wall Street
  • 20th Sep 2023

Movie Review: 'Dumb Money' recalls GameStop squeeze, when regular investors clashed with Wall Street

"Dumb Money" is a movie that tells the real story of a financial rebellion led by small investors against Wall Street. It focuses on the GameStop stock surge and the impact it had on hedge funds. The film aims to champion the little guy and shed light on the flaws of the financial system. The cast includes Paul Dano, Pete Davidson, America Ferrera, and Seth Rogen. The movie highlights the power of social media and the role it played in the stock market frenzy.

What news can we find under Margot Robbie News Section?

Exploring the World of Margot Robbie: A Snapshot of News Content

If there's one name that's been making waves in Hollywood recently, it’s Margot Robbie. Do you remember the stunning blonde who took our breath away with her performance as Naomi Lapaglia in “The Wolf Of Wall Street”? Yes, we are talking about that bright star whose oeuvre has firmly woven itself into cinematic brilliance. But what exactly has she been up to lately? That’s a question on every fan's lips! So sit back and let us dive into a sea of news content around this phenomenal actress.

Well for starters, did you know she just finished working on a movie alongside Christian Bale titled "DK Blue Jay"? Of course not everyone knew that! It was reported by Variety last month. The film is said to be another string to her already impressive acting bow which should keep those ardent fans hooked! You can feel their anticipation right?

The news reel doesn’t stop spinning here, oh no. She also graced recent headlines regarding her upcoming project called "Babylon", directed by none other than Damien Chazelle (Remember 'La La Land'? ). This multi-layered story delves deep into Silent Era Hollywood and guess what? She plays double roles imparting authenticity and intensity reminiscent to Marilyn Monroe herself!

You may wonder if there is any respite for Robbie amidst all these projects. But guess what? Empowering others through films seems like adrenaline action for this Australian charmer; production house LuckyChap Entertainment co-owned by Margot announced an upcoming TV series adaptation – ‘Barbie’ where lively Barbie dolls come alive- totally imaginative isn't it?

In Conclusion…

All things considered, journeying through these snippets gives us much insight. Margot Robbie isn't only remarkable within movies but even off-screen fostering paths towards creativity. Stay tuned folks; interesting times lay ahead as we continue unwrapping more delectable layers about this dynamic diva from down under!

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