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Blackhawks phenom Connor Bedard tackles early scoring obstacles in hockey journey

Connor Bedard, a rookie in the NHL, has been frustrated by his lack of goals despite generating numerous shots and scoring chances. However, his scoring touch is expected to improve soon.

Connor Bedard, a highly talented rookie in the NHL, has been experiencing frustration as he has yet to score a goal in his first four games. This disappointment is evident in Bedard's body language on the ice, particularly when he failed to capitalize on a power-play opportunity against the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, it is important to consider the context and not jump to conclusions about Bedard's abilities or potential.

Despite his lack of goals, Bedard has been one of the most active players in terms of shots on goal this season. In fact, no other player in the NHL has directed more shots toward the net than Bedard. Even when including preseason results, Bedard has generated a total of 64 shot attempts against NHL goaltenders, with 35 of them on target. While he has only scored one goal so far (which was an empty-netter in the preseason), this statistical anomaly is likely just a blip in his performance.

Bedard's experience in the WHL, where he scored 134 goals in 134 games, shows that he has encountered similar stretches where the puck simply wouldn't go in. However, in those instances, he had the confidence of knowing that he could dominate the league and that the goals would eventually come. In the NHL, Bedard doesn't have that same proof of concept to rely on, which may make it more challenging for him to navigate this rough patch.

Despite his goal drought, Bedard has consistently produced high-quality scoring chances. His play on the ice has contributed to the Blackhawks' success in terms of shots and expected goals. Even with relatively low-quality teammates, Bedard has been able to generate opportunities and lead the league in individual scoring chances at 5-on-5. This bodes well for his future performance and suggests that the goals will come as long as he continues to play his game.

One concern for Bedard is whether his early struggles will affect his overall play. While his shot quality and lack of elite teammates justify a focus on shooting, Bedard must also remember that he can't do everything himself. It is important for him to find a balance between being eager to score and making smart plays to set up his teammates. However, based on his skill set and the chances he's been getting, it is unlikely that Bedard's scoring troubles will persist for long.

In conclusion, while Bedard may be frustrated by his lack of goals, it is important to view this as a temporary setback rather than a reflection of his abilities. His track record in the WHL and his performance in the NHL so far indicate that he has the potential to be a highly effective player. With his skill set and the opportunities he's been creating, it is only a matter of time before Bedard finds the back of the net and silences any doubts about his scoring ability.

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