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Cowboys' Brandin Cooks Shares Veteran Advice for Frustrated CeeDee Lamb, Urging 'Trust the Process'

Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb did not have a heated exchange during the Cowboys' loss to the 49ers.

The NBC television crew that produced Sunday Night Football last weekend did not capture a heated exchange between Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb on the Cowboys sideline. There is no footage of the quarterback and wide receiver shouting at each other, needing to be separated. The video did not go viral on the internet, and sports debate shows did not replay it on loop while speculating about their relationship or their future with the Dallas Cowboys.

In reality, no such interaction occurred. However, if Prescott had his way, it would have. During the Cowboys' 42-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, every player was undoubtedly frustrated. Lamb's frustration was particularly visible, as he stewed on the field and on the sideline. This was in stark contrast to wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who arguably had more reason to be disgruntled through five games.

Lamb's body language during the game showed a mix of bafflement and disgust, particularly after Prescott threw three interceptions in the second half. None of those interceptions were intended for Lamb. Despite being targeted five times and catching four passes for 49 yards, Lamb was clearly displeased. Prescott acknowledged Lamb's frustration but preferred direct communication in real-time with any disgruntled teammate. He encouraged Lamb to approach him and have a conversation.

Prescott emphasized the importance of communication in finding solutions to their frustrations. He expressed a willingness to engage in passionate discussions on the sideline, even if the media were to misconstrue it. He believed that open dialogue was essential and that avoiding discussions would only allow the issues to linger.

Lamb publicly expressed regret for his behavior and acknowledged that his start to the season hadn't gone as he had envisioned. Despite his disappointment, Lamb recognized that he had a job to do and wanted to contribute to the team. He acknowledged that there was a better way to handle his frustrations and expressed a desire to get on the same page as Prescott.

Cooks, who has had a successful NFL career with seven 1,000-yard seasons, can relate to Lamb's situation. Despite not having the opportunity to showcase his skills as much this season, Cooks does not complain. He understands the importance of trust in the process and encourages Lamb to do the same. Cooks believes that going through growing pains early in the season will ultimately benefit them in the long run.

Both Prescott and Cooks emphasized the significance of trust, communication, and hard work in overcoming adversity. They acknowledged that the season is long and that they will eventually find their stride. Despite the frustrations and disappointments, they remain committed to working together and finding solutions as a team.

In conclusion, the reported heated exchange between Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb did not occur. Both players have expressed a desire for open communication and a willingness to work through their frustrations. They understand the importance of trust and believe that overcoming adversity early in the season will lead to success in the long run. The Cowboys' focus is on finding solutions and getting on the same page as they continue their season.

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