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Halle Bailey's Boyfriend DDG Drops Major Hint They're Married with Nickname

Halle Bailey's boyfriend hints at marriage in viral video as they enjoy a date on a private jet.

Halle Bailey's boyfriend, DDG, has dropped a significant hint that the couple may have tied the knot. In a series of social media posts, DDG showcased his girlfriend in a relaxed outfit. One video showed Halle sitting at a table, facing a dealer, and holding a chip. She was seen wearing an oversized white fleece jacket. As the dealer handed her a large stack of chips, she glanced over her shoulder and smiled at the camera. DDG shared the video on Snapchat, expressing Halle's excitement. He also posted another clip of Halle playing with her chips, noting how she switched to bigger chips and had more success.

After their gambling adventure, the couple returned to their hotel room, where they cuddled up in bed with stacks of cash. Earlier that week, they had flown to London via a private jet. DDG recorded himself enjoying a plate of duck with orange segments and green beans, while Halle opted for a salad. In another photo, Halle reclined in her seat wearing an oversized gray hoodie, flashing a peace sign with one hand while holding a pillow against her stomach with the other. DDG captioned the picture with "On a date on the plane" and added a heart emoji.

Recently, Halle has been seen wearing loose-fitting clothes, seemingly trying to hide her stomach. This behavior began in September when she attended the MTV Video Music Awards with her sister, Chloe. Halle donned a baggy orange halter gown with loose pleats that concealed her midsection. An insider at the event revealed that Halle purposely avoided the pink carpet to avoid being photographed. They also mentioned her cautious approach to hugs, being mindful of who she embraced. Another source noted that her choice of dress was a deliberate attempt to conceal her stomach, as she maintained distance from others and opted for handshakes instead of her usual warm embraces.

These hints from DDG's social media posts and Halle's wardrobe choices have sparked speculation that the couple may have secretly gotten married. While there has been no official confirmation, fans and followers eagerly await any updates from the couple themselves.

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