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Mitt Romney's Remark on Not Having a Home in the Republican Party

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney says he doesn't have a place in today's Republican Party, calling Donald Trump a failure of character.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney recently expressed his belief that he no longer has a place within the current Republican Party. In an interview with Norah O'Donnell on "CBS Evening News," Romney delved into various topics, including his political career, his decision to leave the Senate, his future plans, and a new biography called "Romney: A Reckoning" written by McKay Coppins and published by Scribner.

When asked about the sentiments of his fellow Republicans in the Senate, Romney revealed that he has not heard a single member of his caucus express admiration for former President Donald Trump. In fact, Romney believes that Trump's presidency represents a failure of character that has had a profound impact on the nation's psyche and values. He believes that repairing this damage will take a significant amount of time, if it can be repaired at all.

Romney also acknowledged that he has become somewhat of an outcast within the Republican Party. He lamented the fact that he no longer feels at home within his own party, as he comes from a tradition that values leaders like Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush, and John McCain. These leaders were known for their strong stance against figures like Vladimir Putin, Russia, authoritarians, and Kim Jong Un. They were also deeply committed to foreign policy and believed in the importance of character in leadership. Romney expressed his concern that these values no longer seem to be prevalent within the majority of the party today.

In addition to discussing his political career, Romney's wife, Ann, addressed rumors that Oprah Winfrey had proposed a joint independent ticket with Romney in 2016. While the interview covered a range of topics, one notable aspect is the inclusion of personal details from Romney's diaries in the biography "Romney: A Reckoning." These intimate insights into the senator's life provide readers with a deeper understanding of his experiences and perspectives.

Fans of Mitt Romney can look forward to more of his interview with Norah O'Donnell on "Person to Person with Norah O'Donnell," which will be available for streaming on the CBS News Streaming Network on October 26th. This in-depth conversation promises to shed further light on Romney's thoughts and plans for the future.

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