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Ronald Reagan News & Breaking Stories

Forgotten History Thanksgiving Maine
  • 23rd Nov 2023

Forgotten History Thanksgiving Maine

Vestryman Fred French impressed 16 dinner guests with a classic 1878 Thanksgiving feast. Maine's Thanksgiving history is brimming with stories.

Editorial: Prayers and Support for Steve Scalise and His Recovery
  • 31st Aug 2023

Editorial: Prayers and Support for Steve Scalise and His Recovery

Steve Scalise, the House majority leader, has announced that he is being treated for multiple myeloma, a "very treatable blood cancer." He expects a full recovery and plans to continue his work in Congress. Many are sending well wishes and praying for his return to good health.

What news can we find under Ronald Reagan News Section?

Discovering the News Content on Ronald Reagan

You're interested in the wide and varied world of news related to Ronald Reagan, aren't you? Admittedly, there's much curiosity about this iconic American figure. Indeed, who was he besides being the 40th President of the United States?

Shedding some light on that, we find an abundance of news content reflecting not just his political journey but also his prior acting career too. Compelling stories reflect a man immersed in two very contrasting industries: Hollywood glitz and international politics.

Picture this. Did you know that before stepping into the White House in 1981, Reagan graced our screens with roles in over fifty films like 'Knute Rockne All American'? Bet you didn't see that coming! However, despite enjoying certain successes as an actor, it was politics where he truly left an indelible mark.

If delving into critical historical events is your forte then countless articles detail his pivotal involvement during periods such as Cold War tensions or economic reforms under his administration’s notable ‘Reaganomics’. Remember these impacted millions globally.

We often tend to perceive past leaders through rose-tinted glasses don’t we? But just like humans; they have their faults too. To achieve a more holistic view; controversial issues during Reagan’s tenure should be explored from Iran-Contra affair to AIDS epidemic response criticisms.

To sum it up; for news buffs eager to digest anything from personal anecdotes, political controversies to momentous policy decisions relating to Ronald Reagan- there is no dearth of engrossing archives available waiting for them.


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