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'Keith Richards: Charlie Watts' Death "Jolted" The Rolling Stones, Inspiring New Album "Hackney Diamonds"'

The Rolling Stones released their new album 'Hackney Diamonds' in honor of late drummer Charlie Watts, featuring two songs with his performances.

The passing of drummer Charlie Watts in August 2021 at the age of 80 was a significant loss for The Rolling Stones. However, despite his absence, Watts still managed to leave his mark on the band's latest album, 'Hackney Diamonds.' In a recent interview, guitarist Keith Richards revealed that Watts' presence on two songs from the record, 'Mess It Up' and 'Live By The Sword,' was one of the driving forces behind their decision to return to the studio.

Richards also credited replacement drummer Steve Jordan for seamlessly fitting into the band during their live performances, which further motivated him and Mick Jagger to embark on the album project. Reflecting on the impact of Watts' death, Richards stated, "It jolted us into thinking we've got to make a record." He went on to explain that during their European tour last year, with Jordan on board, the band felt a renewed energy and enthusiasm for creating new music.

The decision to make an album was a mutual agreement between Richards and Jagger. They recognized that they had some incredible material from previous recording sessions, but it never quite felt like a cohesive album. This time, however, they were determined to approach it differently. "Let's get this thing in the studio. Let's make this a project - go from A to B and actually finish it," Richards recalled. The result was a concentrated effort to create a complete album in one go, and according to Richards, the experience was intense. "We did it all in one block and hit it - I'm still recovering!" he exclaimed.

The inclusion of the songs featuring Watts was a deliberate choice for the band. Richards emphasized the importance of honoring their late drummer by releasing something they had recorded together. It was a way to pay tribute to Watts' contribution and keep his spirit alive in their music.

In addition to the songs with Watts, 'Hackney Diamonds' also boasts a collaboration with Lady Gaga called 'Sweet Sounds Of Heaven.' The track made its live debut at a surprise intimate show in New York just before the album's release. The Stones invited Gaga to join them on stage to perform the song, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for fans.

The band also seized the opportunity to showcase some of their new material during the show. They performed their 2023 track 'Angry' for the first time, as well as 'Whole Wide World' and 'Bite My Head Off' from the highly anticipated new record. It was a night filled with surprises and a glimpse into the future of The Rolling Stones' music.

Overall, 'Hackney Diamonds' is not only a testament to the enduring talent of The Rolling Stones but also a tribute to the late Charlie Watts. The album captures the band's renewed energy and commitment to creating music that resonates with their fans. With the seamless addition of Steve Jordan on drums and the exciting collaboration with Lady Gaga, the album promises to be a memorable addition to The Rolling Stones' legendary discography.

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