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Netherlands role history Thanksgiving
  • 23rd Nov 2023

Netherlands role history Thanksgiving

Netherlands played a role in American Thanksgiving. Pilgrims lived in Leiden before sailing to America. Dutch links to Thanksgiving.

NBA in-season tournament: Format, schedule, groups
  • 4th Nov 2023

NBA in-season tournament: Format, schedule, groups

The NBA has announced the schedule for its inaugural in-season tournament, with the winning team receiving the NBA Cup and players earning $500,000 each. The tournament will take place in November and December and aims to generate revenue and draw more attention to the league. The tournament is based on the cup tournaments in European soccer and will impact the regular-season schedule and standings. The winning team will receive $500,000 and there will be individual awards for MVP and an all-tournament team. The tournament will not impact the playoffs.

FedEx suspends Israel freighter flights
  • 10th Oct 2023

FedEx suspends Israel freighter flights

FedEx Express has suspended inbound and outbound flights to Israel after a large attack by Hamas insurgents from Gaza over the weekend. Other cargo operators are trying to keep air cargo traffic flowing during the war despite the risk in the air and at Tel Aviv airport.

WBD May Favor Local Partnerships Over Worldwide Max Rollout, Says JB Perette: We Have the IP to Be a Survivor
  • 28th Sep 2023

WBD May Favor Local Partnerships Over Worldwide Max Rollout, Says JB Perette: We Have the IP to Be a Survivor

Warner Bros Discovery's JB Perrette warns of pain and consolidation in the global streaming market, but believes the merged group has what it takes to succeed. The company's Max streaming product will be rolled out in a pre-determined sequence, with some markets potentially being skipped in favor of local partnerships. Perrette suggests that the streaming market has gone too far too fast and needs to return to rationality and profitability. Despite the challenges, he remains optimistic about the company's strategy and content.

  • 1st Sep 2023

"The Walking Dead Spin-Offs Production Resumes After SAG-AFTRA Deal With AMC"

AMC Networks has reached agreements with SAG-AFTRA to resume production on The Walking Dead spin-offs and Interview with the Vampire. The negotiations are specific to each show and signify a significant development for the network. The disputes with writers and actors are not expected to disrupt programming until 2024.

Billie Eilish Explores 'Although Enjoyment' TikTok Memes
  • 28th Aug 2023

Billie Eilish Explores 'Although Enjoyment' TikTok Memes

Billie Eilish's song "What Was I Made For?" has become a TikTok sensation, with a meme about the lyrics going viral. Eilish referenced the meme during a recent concert and even duetted with the content creator who started it.

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