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Trade Impact: How Bryce Young and Brian Burns Shaped the Panthers' Future

Carolina Panthers face backlash for trading for Bryce Young. Team's future at stake. Draft decisions under fire. Coach remains confident.

The upcoming game between the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears is causing a lot of second-guessing for the Panthers. They are facing criticism for their trade with the Bears and their decision not to trade with the Los Angeles Rams. The Panthers traded a significant amount to the Bears to acquire the No. 1 overall pick in order to draft Alabama quarterback Bryce Young. They also turned down two first-round picks from the Rams for outside linebacker Brian Burns. The Panthers are currently 1-7, with Young having the NFL's worst Total QBR and Moore's impressive stats with the Bears. This has made the organization an easy target for criticism. Despite this, the Panthers are not looking back, even though they haven't replaced Moore with a genuine No. 1 receiver and trading Burns would have given them more draft capital. The Panthers' coach and general manager still believe in their plan, despite the current season not going as planned. They have a blueprint to build around Young and Burns, adding free agents and draft picks to improve the team. They are particularly focused on adding a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver to play alongside veteran Adam Thielen and help Young's progress. The Panthers have also made attempts to acquire other players before the trade deadline, such as Montez Sweat and Davante Adams, but were unsuccessful. They still plan to sign Burns to a long-term deal, as they believe he is a rare find and can't easily be replaced. The Panthers are also focused on adding another pass-rusher in free agency to play opposite Burns. Despite criticism and second-guessing, the Panthers are committed to their plan and believe that patience is key when building a championship franchise. They are looking to the future and remain confident in their decisions.

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