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Broncos Bills third quarter recap

Denver Broncos struggle with penalties and turnovers, tying the game with the Buffalo Bills but facing offensive challenges.

The Denver Broncos received the ball to start the second half after successfully kicking two field goals in the final two minutes of the first half. Unfortunately, their drive was once again hindered by a holding penalty, this time committed by Javonte Williams. Despite his frustration, Williams managed to push through for eight yards on second down, only for a false start penalty to further impede the Broncos' progress, resulting in a very long and frustrating three and out to kick off the second half.

To make matters worse, another penalty on special teams granted the Buffalo Bills excellent field position at their own 40-yard line. Although the Bills initially struggled to make significant gains, a turnover on downs breathed new life into their offense, leading to a touchdown that tied the game at 15-15.

Following the Bills' score, Marvin Mims Jr. delivered a 31-yard kickoff return, granting the Broncos favorable field position for their next drive. Javonte Williams and quarterback Wilson then worked together to set up a third and two, with Wilson executing a surprise RPO play to secure a first down run across midfield. However, the Broncos' momentum quickly fizzled out as Wilson was sacked twice, leading to a punt.

The Bills wasted no time capitalizing on the Broncos' offensive struggles, with a 30-yard catch and run by Gabe Davis seeming to seal the Broncos' fate. However, a fumble by James Cook on the following play resulted in Denver's fourth turnover of the night.

Despite the turnover, the Broncos' offense continued to struggle, with the third quarter ending on a disappointing note.

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