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Marlon Wayans talks about the challenges of parenting after daughter's transition to new identity

Comedian Marlon Wayans discusses his child's transition and slams cancel culture, saying society has replaced laughs with social media.

During a recent appearance on the "Varney & Co." show, comedian Jimmy Failla shared his thoughts on actor Marlon Wayans' perspective on comedy and cancel culture.

Wayans, known for his roles in "Scary Movie" and "White Chicks," recently revealed that his oldest child, Amai, has transitioned into a son named Kai. The 51-year-old actor discussed his upcoming comedy special, which is focused on sharing his family's experience and providing support to other parents in similar situations.

In a recent podcast interview, Wayans described the process of coming to terms with his child's transition as "very painful," but emphasized that his comedy special will address his journey from ignorance and denial to complete unconditional love and acceptance as a parent.

Kai, who is 23 years old, now uses they/them pronouns and is the oldest of Wayans' two children with ex-partner Angelica Zachary. Despite occasionally slipping up with pronouns, Wayans expressed his commitment to learning and supporting his child's wishes.

The comedian has been vocal about his views on cancel culture and the sensitivity to humor in today's society. In a previous interview, he criticized the replacement of laughter and comedy with social media and worries, emphasizing the need for humor and entertainment in a world filled with anxiety and world problems.

Furthermore, Wayans defended his 2004 comedy "White Chicks" and vowed to never self-censor his content, arguing that laughter and comedy are essential and should not be subject to cancellation.

Overall, Wayans' openness about his family's experience and his perspective on comedy and cancel culture has sparked important conversations and shed light on the need for understanding and acceptance in today's society. For more information on culture, media, education, and opinion, visit

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