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Gerrit Cole Wins First AL Cy Young Award, Blake Snell Takes NL Prize

Gerrit Cole and Blake Snell win the Cy Young awards. Cole wins unanimously, and Snell becomes a 7th pitcher to win in both leagues.

Gerrit Cole and Blake Snell were both awarded Cy Young Awards for the 2021 season, with Cole taking home the American League honor and Snell winning in the National League. Cole, who had been a runner-up for the award twice before, received all 30 first-place votes, marking a significant achievement in his career. He had an outstanding season with the New York Yankees, allowing no more than two runs in 26 of his 33 starts and leading the AL in ERA and innings pitched.

Snell, on the other hand, had a remarkable turnaround after a difficult start to the season. He led the majors with a 2.25 ERA and finished with 14 wins for the San Diego Padres. This win marked his second Cy Young Award, having previously won in 2018 with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Both pitchers had impressive seasons despite their teams' disappointing performances, with neither the Yankees nor the Padres making the playoffs. Snell's resurgence was particularly noteworthy, as he had a rocky start but finished the season with a dominant stretch, winning eight of his last nine decisions and not allowing a run in five of his final six starts.

The Cy Young Awards for Cole and Snell were well-deserved, and they both expressed their pride and gratitude for the recognition. Cole, in particular, emphasized the significance of his achievement in contributing to the legacy of the Yankees' pitching greats.

The awards were a testament to the skill and determination of both pitchers, with Cole's consistency and Snell's resilience shining through in their performances throughout the season. As they move forward in their careers, they will undoubtedly continue to be forces to be reckoned with on the mound.

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