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Nikola Jokic, Nuggets Offensive Set, Crunch Time vs. Clippers

Nuggets capitalize on same play to beat Clippers. Jokic's clutch play and Nuggets' defense secure win in close game.

The Denver Nuggets have been using the same set in their crunch-time offense, and it has been highly effective against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have struggled since trading for James Harden, and the addition of another big-name guard has added redundancy to their lineup. This makes it easier for the Nuggets to use a small lineup in close games, especially since two-time MVP Nikola Jokic has had trouble against smaller defenders. The Nuggets have exploited this by running their offense out of the same set repeatedly, and it has worked to their advantage.

The play usually involves point guard Reggie Jackson bringing the ball up toward the left wing, while Jokic rotates to the block on Jackson's side using screens from Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter Jr. The Clippers have had a hard time defending against this set, and the Nuggets have been able to take advantage of it. They have dramatically improved their free throw attempts in the second half, and this has contributed to their success. The Nuggets have been able to outsmart the Clippers with their clutch execution, even with just one set.

Despite some mistakes and a lucky ending, the Nuggets' effort and collective IQ throughout the game have contributed to their success. They have been able to wear down the Clippers and hold them to two made field goals in the last six minutes of the game. The Nuggets have the best clutch defensive rating in the league and have been able to outsmart their opponents with their offense. With Jokic forcing the hands of opposing defenses, the Nuggets have been able to come out on top, even with just one set.

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