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Lacey Chabert Scott Wolf Hallmark Christmas Movie

Actors Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf reunite for Hallmark's 'A Merry Scottish Christmas' as brother and sister, not love interests.

Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf, who starred as siblings on Party of Five for six years, are reuniting on screen after 23 years in Hallmark Channel's A Merry Scottish Christmas. In the movie, they play brother and sister who are estranged and heading to Scotland to celebrate the holidays with their mother.

Despite their on-screen relationship, the actors want to make it clear that they will never play romantic leads opposite one another. When news of the movie broke, many fans jumped to a romantic conclusion, but both Chabert and Wolf quickly clarified that they are just brother and sister.

The two actors share a palpable kinship, both on-screen and off. They expressed their excitement about working together again and shared the heartwarming "full-circle" experience they had while filming the movie.

The idea of reuniting on screen had been a dream for both Chabert and Wolf for years. After much anticipation and some delays due to COVID, they finally got the chance to work together again. Chabert expressed her gratitude for the positive influence Scott had on her during their time together on Party of Five, and she felt that working with him again was a dream come true.

The brother-sister dynamic at the center of A Merry Scottish Christmas is a departure from the typical Hallmark romance, and both actors were excited to tell this relatable story. They emphasized the importance of the sibling relationship in the film and the emotional journey the characters go through to find each other again.

While filming, both actors had their families with them, and they shared a heartwarming moment when they saw their kids playing together on set outside a castle in Scotland. This experience brought back memories of when they first met and highlighted the full-circle nature of their reunion.

Overall, Chabert and Wolf had a wonderful time working together, reminiscing about the past, and creating new memories. They expressed their admiration for each other and the joy they experienced while making the film. A Merry Scottish Christmas premieres on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel.

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