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Adele publicly confirms relationship with Rich Paul

Adele opened up about her relationship with Rich Paul, confirming their love and possibly a secret marriage at a comedy show.

Adele has been notoriously private about her personal life, so when she made her relationship with Rich Paul public, it was a big deal. The release of her album 30 in November 2021 sent fans into a collective spiral, and it's safe to say that society still hasn't recovered. The album largely focuses on her divorce, but in reality, Adele is in a great place when it comes to dating and relationships.

She's been spotted with Rich Paul at various public events, including courtside at an NBA game and at a friend's party, looking all kinds of glam. This public display of their relationship is new for Adele, who has always been notoriously private. In interviews with Rolling Stone and Vogue, she opened up about meeting Rich and the early days of their relationship, describing him as "just so f***ing funny" and someone who makes her feel "quite the opposite" of anxious or nervous.

In a cover story for Elle, Adele gushed about being "obsessed" with Rich and declared that she's "never been in love like this." There are even rumors that the couple may have tied the knot, with sources claiming that Adele confirmed the news during a spontaneous moment at a comedy show.

Rich Paul is an incredibly successful sports agent who represents NBA stars like LeBron James through his company Klutch Sports Group. He met LeBron in a unique way and has been described as "absolutely unrelenting in getting his players what they want." He's even written a memoir called "Lucky Me," chronicling his early life and experiences as a Black man.

Like Adele, Rich is also a parent and has hinted at the possibility of having more kids in the future. He's a pop culture nerd who loves movies and has traveled far and wide with Adele, including a romantic trip to Italy. In fact, Adele even serenaded him for his birthday at one of her concerts.

All in all, Adele and Rich Paul make one of the cutest couples ever, and fans can't wait for an album all about their love.

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