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Old Dads Movie Review
  • 20th Oct 2023

Old Dads Movie Review

"Old Dads," directed by Bill Burr, follows three friends navigating fatherhood and modern society. Despite its flaws, the film offers thought-provoking observations and Burr's comedic presence.

McDonald's announces return of McRib, scarcity marketing enters new chapter
  • 4th Oct 2023

McDonald's announces return of McRib, scarcity marketing enters new chapter

McDonald's is bringing back the McRib sandwich, using scarcity marketing to create consumer urgency and drive sales. The success of the McRib has even sparked competition in the fast-food industry. McDonald's has a positive financial performance and is an attractive investment for income-focused investors.

Viral TikTok Trend of Horror-Like Videos Sparked by McDonald's Grimace Shake Promotion
  • 28th Jun 2023

Viral TikTok Trend of Horror-Like Videos Sparked by McDonald's Grimace Shake Promotion

McDonald's purple Grimace shakes have sparked a viral trend on TikTok, with users creating videos that resemble horror movies. The #GrimaceShake hashtag has garnered over 628 million views, as people film themselves pretending to pass out after drinking the shake. While the fast food chain may not have anticipated this reaction, it highlights the extent to which people enjoy engaging with brands, according to a marketing expert. The trend was triggered by McDonald's launch of the Grimace shake to celebrate the birthday of Grimace, the company's mascot.

What news can we find under McDonald's News Section?

The Big Mac and Beyond: Uncovering the News Underneath McDonald's Golden Arches

What immediately comes to mind when you think about McDonald's?Your go-to answer could probably be those world-famous French fries or their irresistible Big Mac. But, have you ever gone a step beyond your favorite meal and wondered what kind of news content falls under the umbrella topic of this fast-food giant? Get ready to satiate that curiosity!

We're all familiar with Ronald merrily sprinting through our TV screens during commercial breaks - but he brings much more than hamburgers into our lives! We can dive into a spicy McChicken-style mix of global business strategies, menu innovations, sustainability initiatives and societal impact stories from McDonald's universe.

Say 'I'm Lovin' It!' To Business Strategies

If we run a quick search on McDonald's business strategies, we'll gobble up intricate details on topics like franchising synergies or bold international expansion plans. Interesting case studies shed light on adapting to new markets while foregrounding local tastes (think McAloo Tikki in India!). You get it right? We're talking seriously seasoned insights here!

New Must-Try Menus – The Culinary Twist

Remember the fervor around Spicy McNuggets?Add some Extra Value Meal™ sauce to your news consumption by tracking intriguing introductions or phase-outs in their menus globally. These diversified cuisine experiments often make for tasty headlines!

An Earth-Friendly McFlurry Of Initiatives

Catch up with Mickey D’s involvement in environmental sustainability, adding an earth-friendly twist such as minimizing carbon footprints through innovation in packaging and energy use. Akin to savoring that last McFlurry swirl – it leaves you feeling good inside.

In terms of news journalism, Isn't it fascinating how even a single brand encapsulates layers upon layers of riveting narratives? When viewed under such perspective, every bit of golden arch news leads to us understanding more about this global phenomenon- because there is much more cooking at McDonald’s than just scrumptious food!

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