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Assessing Kirk Cousins Green Bay Rumors Zone Coverage

Minnesota Vikings may be replacing Kirk Cousins with Josh Dobbs. ESPN's Dan Graziano suggests Green Bay Packers as a potential landing spot.

The rumors are swirling in the NFL about the future of the Minnesota Vikings' quarterback position. With Josh Dobbs taking over and Kirk Cousins in the final year of his contract, it's possible that the Vikings may be looking for a new signal caller. Many believe that Cousins could be the top free-agent quarterback on the market if Minnesota decides to move on.

One surprising landing spot for Cousins could be the Green Bay Packers, according to ESPN's Dan Graziano. He believes that Jordan Love may not be the answer for the Packers, and that Cousins could bring valuable experience to the team. Graziano points out that Cousins is familiar with the Packers' offense, as it is similar to the scheme he ran with Kyle Shanahan in Washington. He also suggests that Cousins and Green Bay coach Matt LaFleur could work well together.

Colin Cowherd also discussed the possibility of Cousins joining the Packers on his podcast, The Herd. He argued that Minnesota may not want Cousins anymore and that the move could make sense for both parties. However, these rumors are pure nonsense when you break them down.

First of all, Jordan Love has not been given a fair chance to prove himself as a potential quarterback for the Packers. Former NFL quarterbacks have all pointed out that Love has talent but needs more support from his team. It would be premature to give up on him without giving him a fair opportunity to succeed.

Furthermore, signing a veteran like Cousins would be a move typically pursued by teams that are one step away from a championship. Cousins' large salary and injury history make him a risky investment for a team like the Packers.

Lastly, Cousins may not be the right fit for the Packers. He has a mixed track record, particularly in prime time games, and has never fully convinced fans of his abilities. This lack of consensus on his talent suggests that he may not be worth the investment for Green Bay.

While these rumors may make for entertaining sports journalism, it's important to remember that Cousins joining the Packers is unlikely and does not make sense for the team.

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