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Vikings Crisis: From 0-3 to 4-4, Kirk Cousins Absence Takes Toll
  • 31st Oct 2023

Vikings Crisis: From 0-3 to 4-4, Kirk Cousins Absence Takes Toll

The Minnesota Vikings are facing a quarterback crisis as Kirk Cousins is out for the year with a torn Achilles tendon. Despite the setback, the team remains confident and is focused on staying in the playoff hunt. The defense has improved significantly, but the running game needs work. Wide receiver K.J. Osborn has been a standout player, while special teams have been struggling. The Vikings will face the Atlanta Falcons next, who recently lost their standout defensive tackle Grady Jarrett to a knee injury.

Watch Eagles vs. Rams NFL Week 5 online: FREE LIVE STREAM time, TV channel
  • 9th Oct 2023

Watch Eagles vs. Rams NFL Week 5 online: FREE LIVE STREAM time, TV channel

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay is concerned about the Philadelphia Eagles' "tush push" play ahead of their game on Sunday. The Eagles have won all four of their games this season, but have faced criticism for their narrow victories and struggles on defense. The Rams, meanwhile, have a 2-2 record and are seen as underdogs against the Super Bowl contenders. Defensive coordinator Raheem Morris said the Rams are ready to take on the Eagles' play, which has been successful so far this season.

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Unraveling the Role of the Guard in Gridiron Football

Welcome football enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered about the important role of a 'Guard' in gridiron football? Relax, grab your favorite snack and let's journey together through this fascinating aspect of one of America's beloved sports.

Firstly, what is a 'Guard'? In gridiron football, guards are players who man inside positions on the offensive or defensive line right next to the center. Think of them as those trusty sidekicks that help Batman save Gotham!

In essence, among their key responsibilities on offensive duty, Guards perform two essential tasks: open paths for running backs (Isn't that like parting seas for Moses?) and shield quarterbacks from charging defenders when in pass protection mode; roles just as pivotal as scoring touchdowns.

You might wonder how we recognize these knights on our television screens? Well, here's your secret decoder ring! In NFL games, Guards wear numbers between 60–79. Now aren't they quite easy to spot?

To understand their strategic importance even better imagine this scenario - It’s Super Bowl Sunday; pressure cuts through air like a hot knife through butter. The quarterback prepares to make a game-changing throw but oh no! Here comes an opponent charging towards him at lightning speed...Who saves the day? Yes!! You guessed it – our very own super-guard!

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"Don’t overlook anyone else besides those scoring touchdowns!"
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