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David Tepper: Bryce Young was the unanimous choice of coaches and scouts

Panthers owner David Tepper reveals he has final say in all team decisions, potentially influencing draft and coaching choices.

During a recent press conference, Panthers owner David Tepper was asked about the decision to select Bryce Young over C.J. Stroud in the 2023 draft. Tepper began by explaining the team's decision-making process, emphasizing that he doesn't vote on these choices until the final stage. He also acknowledged that he ultimately bears responsibility for the decisions.

Tepper revealed that the decision to pick Young was unanimous among coaches and scouts, and he supported their choice. However, the idea of unanimity raises questions, especially when there is a belief that Young may not meet the NFL's quarterback standards. It seems unlikely that every single person involved genuinely preferred Young over Stroud, leading to the conclusion that those who might have preferred Stroud realized it was a losing argument and went along with the majority.

Tepper's position as the ultimate decision-maker, with the power to veto any choice, sheds light on the inner workings of the Panthers organization. His ability to influence decisions without directly mandating them is akin to the scenario of an owner expressing a preference for a particular candy, leading to an abundance of that candy throughout the office.

Tepper's admission that he can veto any decision made by the football staff creates a dynamic where the staff must discern his preferences to avoid making recommendations that he will reject. Ultimately, the unanimous decision to select Young may have been influenced by the knowledge of what Tepper wanted, and the desire to align with his preferences to avoid rejection.

In conclusion, Tepper's influence on decision-making within the Panthers organization is clear. His role as the final decision-maker creates an environment where the staff must navigate his preferences to avoid facing rejection. This dynamic raises questions about the true nature of decision-making within the organization and highlights the influence of Tepper's opinions on the choices made by the coaching and scouting staff.

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