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Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Relationship Source: Open

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner's alleged lies about his romantic past after his wife's death are contradicted by a source close to him.

After recent claims that Gerry Turner, known as The Golden Bachelor, was dishonest about his romantic history following his wife's death, a source close to the situation has spoken out to refute these allegations. The source claims that Gerry was open about his relationship with a woman referred to as 'Carolyn' to the women in the house.

These allegations came to light in a story published by The Hollywood Reporter, which raised questions about the vetting process ABC put Gerry through and alleged inconsistencies in his work history and romantic relationships. Carolyn, who is 14 years younger than Gerry, claimed that she entered into a relationship with him just a month after his wife's passing in 2017, and that he made promises to her about their future together.

According to Carolyn, the version of Gerry depicted on ABC's reality series differs significantly from her own experience. She made claims about unreasonable demands and accusations made by Gerry during their relationship. These allegations have painted a starkly different picture of Gerry than the one presented to fans when he was announced as the leading man for The Bachelor's senior spinoff series.

Gerry has been open about his marriage to his late wife, Toni, who passed away in 2017 after becoming ill. He has spoken candidly about the grief he experienced and the challenges he faced in the years following her passing. Despite attempts at dating, he expressed that he struggled to find love again.

In light of these allegations, ABC and Gerry have been contacted for comment, and it remains to be seen how this situation will unfold.

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