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Tennessee basketball: Finding something in Jonas Aidoo after loss at North Carolina

"Rick Barnes sees potential in Jonas Aidoo after standout performance against North Carolina, believes he can be one of the best."

Josiah-Jordan James has spent a significant amount of time in halftime locker rooms with Rick Barnes, but Wednesday's game against North Carolina was unlike any other. Barnes, the Tennessee basketball coach, was furious after watching what he considered the worst half of basketball from any team he has ever coached. The Vols lost the game, but amidst the chaos, sophomore Jonas Aidoo caught Barnes' attention and showed potential to be one of the best post players in the country.

Although Aidoo wasn't the star of the game, he demonstrated his skills and potential on the court. Barnes was particularly impressed by Aidoo's performance against North Carolina, where he demanded attention and made crucial plays, despite eventually fouling out of the game. Barnes is confident that Aidoo has the potential to be a key player for the Vols, especially after facing off against top forwards like Zach Edey and Hunter Dickinson in previous games.

Aidoo's defensive abilities have been evident since he joined the team, but it's his offensive prowess that has Barnes excited about his potential. With the ability to shoot, pass, and be a consistent presence inside the paint, Aidoo could elevate Tennessee's overall game. However, he needs to work on eliminating foul trouble to maximize his impact on the court.

Overall, Barnes sees Aidoo as more than just Tennessee's best big man. He believes that Aidoo has the potential to be a game-changer for the team. Despite the loss against North Carolina, Barnes is confident in Aidoo's abilities and is excited to see how he continues to develop as a player.

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