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Mitchell Robinson invites his high school coach to move in with him after coach's wife died

New York Knicks' center Mitchell Robinson invited his high school coach to move in with him after his wife's death.

Mitchell Robinson, the 7-foot center for the New York Knicks, is widely known for his prowess in blocking shots and grabbing rebounds on the basketball court. However, his former high school coach, Butch Stockton, who is now his roommate, recently shared a heartwarming story about Robinson's compassionate nature during an in-game interview.

According to Stockton, Robinson visited his wife, Dawn, every day while she was in the hospital. Tragically, Dawn passed away in September after battling metastatic cancer. At her funeral, Robinson proposed the idea of Stockton moving in with him in New York to help him cope with the loss of his wife. Stockton, who coached Robinson at Chalmette High School in Louisiana, recounted how Robinson urged him to come to New York to "enjoy yourself and get your mind back straight."

In a touching display of empathy and support, Robinson offered his coach a place to stay, emphasizing that it would be beneficial for both of them. Dawn Stockton, who was married to Butch for 31 years, was remembered by her loved ones as a beloved figure in their lives.

Following the Knicks' victory over the Detroit Pistons, Robinson expressed his admiration for his coach, describing him as a "great guy" who played a pivotal role in his journey to success. He also mentioned that Stockton will be living with him for the remainder of the year, underscoring the depth of their bond.

Reflecting on their initial encounter, Stockton recalled how he first noticed Robinson, a "tall kid walking in the neighborhood," and was determined to recruit him for the high school basketball team. He emphasized Robinson's unwavering dedication, noting that the young athlete was always the first to arrive at the gym and the last to leave, showcasing his commitment to the sport.

Since being drafted by the Knicks in 2018, Robinson has emerged as a standout player in the NBA, particularly excelling in offensive rebounding. His remarkable skills on the court are matched by his compassion and generosity, as demonstrated by his support for his former coach during a difficult time. This heartwarming story serves as a testament to the character and kindness of Mitchell Robinson, both on and off the basketball court.

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