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Tracey Edmonds Deion Sanders friend zone 10 years together

Deion Sanders is having a rough year on and off the field. His relationship with Tracey Edmonds has ended after a decade.

Deion Sanders is having a tough year, both on and off the field. His Colorado Buffaloes team did not qualify for a college bowl game, and now, he and his long-time partner, Tracey Edmonds, have decided to end their relationship.

After over a decade together, including four years of engagement, the couple announced their decision to separate in a joint statement on Edmonds' social media page. They emphasized that the choice was made with love, respect, and appreciation for the time they shared.

While Edmonds disabled comments on her post, Sanders reportedly expressed his gratitude for their time together and called her an amazing woman and mother. Edmonds responded with gratitude and expressed her support for Sanders and his family.

The split has sparked mixed reactions from the public, with some criticizing Sanders for "wasting" Edmonds' time and others acknowledging that relationships sometimes don't work out.

This isn't the first public breakup for either Sanders or Edmonds. Sanders has been married twice before, and Edmonds was previously in a high-profile relationship with singer Babyface and was briefly married to comedian Eddie Murphy.

Sanders has also faced controversy recently, with a YouTuber making threats against his son, Shedeur, who plays for the Colorado Buffaloes. The YouTuber's comments were racially charged, and Sanders has not directly responded to the situation.

Overall, it's been a challenging time for Sanders, but he's received support from fans and well-wishers as he navigates these personal and professional challenges.

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