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Concerns about fatal shark attack in Bahamas and Florida waters

Boston woman visiting the Bahamas killed by shark. Lifeguard saw what happened and brought her back to shore.

A woman from Boston was tragically killed by a shark while visiting the Bahamas. The 44-year-old victim was less than a mile from the shore of a Sandals resort when she was attacked. A lifeguard witnessed the incident and was able to bring the woman and a male relative who was unharmed back to the shore. Despite attempts to administer CPR, the woman suffered severe injuries and passed away at the scene. The exact species of shark responsible for the attack has not been specified.

Shark attacks are not uncommon in the waters off Florida and around the Bahamas. Ocearch, a research organization, is currently conducting a Seaside Expedition to study the life history of white sharks in the eastern North Atlantic Ocean. The organization tags sharks with satellite receivers to track their movements, and while there have been recent pings from sharks near Florida, none have been reported since the tragic incident in the Bahamas.

Despite the attention that shark attacks receive in the media, the chances of being bitten by a shark are extremely low. According to the Florida Museum, the odds of a shark attack are 1 in 3.7 million. While Florida has seen the highest number of shark bites in the United States, the number of incidents is relatively small compared to other risks associated with the ocean and wildlife.

The Bahamas has seen 33 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks since 1580, highlighting the long history of these incidents in the region. It's important to note that while shark attacks are a real danger, there are ways to minimize the risks. Awareness and education about shark behavior and safe practices in the water can help prevent these tragic incidents in the future.

This report was contributed by Christopher Cann, a breaking news reporter for USA TODAY.

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