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Holiday Movie Weekend Pick: Hallmark Channel's Round and Round

"Christmas on Cherry Lane" premiering on Hallmark Channel follows three families as they navigate the holiday season with heartwarming reveals.

Tamar Laddy's clever script for a new TV show imagines what someone who has seen Groundhog Day might really react to, in which Rachel convinces Zach, day after day, that he's already onboard with her story. The script explores the small moments Rachel would try to change and the big aspects of her life she'd eventually have to confront, such as her narcissist boyfriend and her shelved aspirations as a writer. It also delves into how she'd feel logging all those memories with Zach that he forgets and what other geeks they might need to pull into her mess. Michaelis and Greenberg have a crackling chemistry, with her intensity balancing that sexy calm of his that reels you in. And there's a great twist at the end that you won't see coming.

If you're missing This Is Us, Christmas on Cherry Lane (premiering Saturday, Dec. 9 at 8 pm on Hallmark Channel) is a great runner-up pick. The film follows three families on Christmas Eve: An expectant couple who haven't even unpacked the boxes in their new house when their loved ones barge in for the holidays; a widow who learns her adult kids aren't thrilled at the idea of her selling their childhood home and moving to Florida with her new fiancé; and husbands whose stress levels are already high preparing to host a dinner party with an unfinished kitchen remodel when they get the long-awaited call to foster a child.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 (Streaming Friday, Dec. 8 on Prime Video) is a sequel that follows young lovers James and Hayley as they head to Austria with their families for a holiday vacation in the Alps. Things get off to a rocky start when the posh and working-class clans accidentally swap accommodations. Jane Krakowski joins the fun as Diane, the sophisticated girlfriend of James' lord father and the author of the bestseller How to Get What the F You Want.

A Cowboy Christmas Romance (Premieres Saturday, Dec. 9 at 8 pm on Lifetime) is the steamiest cable movie of the season! Real estate closer and former barrel racing champion Lexie returns to her Texas hometown for the first time in 10 years to try to convince third-generation rancher/single dad Coby to sell his family's land. When they're not arguing or having a roll in the hay, she's off fighting with her rancher father, who forced her out of their family business a decade ago. The tension is real, but the ending is happy.

Rescuing Christmas (Streaming now on Hallmark Movies Now) follows Santa's elves' plan to boost Christmas cheer by secretly granting one person three wishes backfires when Duluth photographer Erin asks for a break from Christmas and it ceases to exist. Desperate to return the joy to others, Erin attempts to reintroduce traditions to her family and the city, but she'll have to remember what she loved about the holiday in order to save it. Sam Page costars as Erin's blind date-turned-trusting cohort.

Magic in Mistletoe (Premieres Friday, December 8 at 8 pm on Hallmark Channel) follows Harrington Davis, the now-jaded author of the titular bestselling book series, as he makes headlines for proclaiming Christmas a scam on social media. To win back his alienated readers on the eve of his latest release, publicist April forces him to attend the hometown festivities that inspired his novels. There's some quality banter and a few predictable arguments that Greenwood and the always great Campbell make go down as smoothly as a hot toddy.

Silent Night, Fatal Night (Premieres Thursday, Dec. 7 at 8 pm on LMN) is a fun, twisted change of pace. After best-selling mystery writer Mallory Dearborn decides to end her popular detective franchise, her money-hungry agent Michael holds her hostage at his family's festively-decorated cabin and forces her to write one more novel before Christmas -- that he can release posthumously. Pohlkamp is appropriately campy and chilling; Camacho is believably crafty and defiant.

To All a Good Night (Premieres Thursday, Dec. 7 at 8 pm and repeats Saturday, Dec. 9 at 10 pm on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries) stars Kimberley Sustad as small-town photographer Ceci, who saves the life of Army vet-turned-real estate developer Sam when he crashes his motorcycle near the land she inherited from her late father. The dramatic meet-cute gets further complicated by her grief, his reasons for being in town, a kleptomaniac dog, and the most terrifying Santa collectible we've seen in recent years.

Christmas of Yes (Premieres Sunday, Dec. 9 at 9 pm on OWN) follows driven, workaholic marketing exec Amy as she loses her job two weeks before Christmas and her brother Phil challenges her to say "yes" to everything through the new year, starting with an invitation to an improv show where she meets science and math teacher Nico. As endearing as their opposites-attract love story is, Amy reconnecting with her alcoholic mother leaves a lasting impression.

Yes, Chef! Christmas (Premieres Sunday, Dec. 10 at 8 pm on Lifetime) is set in Chicago and follows self-taught chef Alicia's career as it stalls until she gets the chance to compete in a prestigious three-course Christmas cookoff that pairs her with a prickly mentor, chef Logan. As she regains her confidence, and he recaptures his love of the holidays, adopted Alicia also takes a DNA test with shocking results.

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (Premieres Saturday, Dec. 9 at 8 pm on Great American Family) follows two realtors who prefer to work alone, fast-moving Eva and slow-and-steady Grinch Jeff, as they are forced to team up to sell the home of a renowned botanist who also happens to grow their town's famous mistletoe. A conventional plot but well-acted.

Peppermints & Postcards (Premieres Sunday, Dec. 10 at 8 pm on Great American Family) follows small-time TV reporter Chet as he needs a story to go national to get a promotion. A child's letter to Santa asking for her single mom to find love at Christmas is his ticket. As Chet sets reluctant #SantaMom up on dates, it becomes clear he's the one with whom she sparks. The movie does a nice job of showing a blended family: Cara invites her ex and his likable French fiancée to stay for a month!

Never Alone For Christmas (Streaming now on BET+) follows advertising exec Lauren as she calls off her engagement to vet tech Miles because she requires a more serious man, like fellow power player Preston. When they all end up at Ms. Ramona's Cajun Christmas event in New Orleans, Lauren finds herself reconsidering her choice and wearing a dress that would never pass Hallmark censors.

Christmas at the Amish Bakery (Premieres Sunday, Dec. 10 at 7 pm on UPtv) follows book editor Sarah as she returns to her Amish community in Kentucky with plans to talk her sister into doing an Amish cookbook for her company. But then the family bakery needs saving, too!

Christmas as Usual (Streaming now on Netflix) follows Norwegian Thea as she takes her new Indian fiancé, Jashan, home to meet her family and a clash of ice baths and spicy food ensues. You won't love her mother's reaction, or Thea's decision to hide the engagement, but the turnaround, when it finally comes, is heartwarming.

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