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Derek Hough update wife Hayley health skull surgery

"Derek Hough's wife undergoes emergency skull surgery after burst blood vessel. Hough thanks fans for support and shares update on recovery."

Derek Hough recently provided an update on his wife's health after she underwent emergency surgery for a burst blood vessel in her skull. In an Instagram post, the "Dancing With the Stars" judge expressed his admiration for his wife's strength and resilience as she embarks on the journey of recovery. He also expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and love from fans during this challenging time, emphasizing the immeasurable kindness they have received.

Hough acknowledged the overwhelming offers of help from friends and well-wishers, expressing humility and appreciation for their gestures. He also expressed hope that, as a family, they can find a way to pay it forward in the future. The couple's ordeal began after a performance on their "Symphony of Dance" tour in Washington, D.C., when Erbert appeared disoriented and was subsequently diagnosed with a cranial hematoma.

Following an emergency craniectomy to address the burst blood vessel, Erbert is now in stable condition, and Hough's sister, Julianne Hough, also called for prayers and positive thoughts for her sister-in-law's recovery. The family is grateful for the support and continues to navigate this life-changing experience with hope and resilience.

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